Are Akitas Fast? Uncovering the Speed of These Majestic Dogs

To truly understand the potential speed of Akitas, we must first delve into their origins. Akitas, also known as Akita Inus, are an ancient Japanese breed with a rich history. Originally bred for hunting and guarding, these dogs were highly valued for their strength, agility, and endurance. While their primary role was not focused on speed, their ancestors’ traits can still give us valuable insights into their capabilities.

The Physical Characteristics of Akitas

Size and Build: Are Akitas Built for Speed?

When it comes to speed, a dog’s size and build play a significant role. Akitas are large and powerful dogs, with males typically weighing between 100-130 pounds (45-59 kg) and standing around 26-28 inches (66-71 cm) tall. Their sturdy build and muscular physique suggest that they are more suited for strength and endurance rather than outright speed. However, appearances can be deceiving, and there is more to a dog’s speed than just its size.

Coat and Gait: Factors Affecting Speed

Another factor that can affect a dog’s speed is its coat and gait. Akitas have a dense double coat that provides insulation and protects them from harsh weather conditions. While this coat is beneficial for their original purpose as hunting dogs in cold climates, it may not be as conducive to maximizing their speed. Additionally, Akitas have a distinctive gait characterized by a deliberate and powerful stride. While this gait contributes to their stability and strength, it may not be the most efficient for achieving top speeds.

Comparing Akitas to Other Dog Breeds

Akitas vs. Greyhounds: The Ultimate Speed Test

When it comes to speed, Greyhounds are often considered the gold standard. These lean and aerodynamic dogs are built for speed, capable of reaching incredible velocities. So, how do Akitas fare in comparison? While Akitas may not match the raw speed of Greyhounds, they possess their own unique set of skills and abilities that make them exceptional in their own right.

Akitas vs. Siberian Huskies: A Battle of the Speedsters

Siberian Huskies, known for their incredible endurance and speed, provide another interesting comparison to Akitas. These dogs were bred for sled pulling, requiring both strength and speed. While Akitas may not possess the same level of endurance as Huskies, they can still surprise you with bursts of speed when properly motivated.

The Role of Genetics in a Dog’s Speed

Exploring the Genes That Contribute to Speed in Akitas

Speed in dogs, like in any other species, is influenced by genetics. Certain genes can contribute to a dog’s potential for speed, and these genes can vary among different breeds. While the genetic factors affecting speed in Akitas are not as extensively studied as in some other breeds, it is believed that genes responsible for muscle development, cardiovascular fitness, and lung capacity may play a role.

Other Genetic Factors Affecting Akita Speed

In addition to the genes specifically related to speed, other genetic factors can indirectly influence an Akita’s speed. These include factors like bone structure, joint health, and overall conformation. Ensuring that Akitas come from reputable breeders who prioritize health and athleticism can increase the likelihood of having a faster dog.

Training and Conditioning Akitas for Speed

The Importance of Proper Training Techniques

While genetics can provide a foundation, training plays a crucial role in developing a dog’s speed potential. Akitas, like any other breed, require consistent and appropriate training techniques to maximize their speed. Focusing on exercises that improve strength, agility, and coordination can help Akitas reach their full athletic potential.

Conditioning Exercises for Akitas to Improve Speed

To enhance an Akita’s speed, incorporating specific conditioning exercises into their training regimen can be highly beneficial. Activities such as interval training, sprints, and agility drills can improve not only their speed but also their overall fitness and performance.

The Fastest Akitas in History

Legendary Speedsters: Akita Racing Champions

While Akitas may not be synonymous with racing, there have been instances of Akitas showcasing their speed in competitive events. Some exceptional individuals have earned the title of Akita racing champions, demonstrating that these dogs are not to be underestimated when it comes to speed.

Breaking Records: Akita Speed Trials

To further explore the speed of Akitas, enthusiasts have organized Akita speed trials where dogs compete to achieve the fastest times over a set distance. These events showcase the incredible athleticism and speed potential within the Akita breed.

Real-Life Stories: Akitas in Action

Speed and Agility: Akitas in Professional Dog Sports

Beyond the racing track, Akitas have also made their mark in professional dog sports that require speed and agility. From agility competitions to flyball and lure coursing, Akitas have proven themselves to be versatile athletes capable of excelling in various disciplines.

Speedy Saviors: Akitas in Search and Rescue

Speed can also be a crucial asset in search and rescue operations. Akitas, with their endurance and determination, have been successfully trained for search and rescue missions, using their speed and agility to navigate challenging terrains and locate missing individuals.


While Akitas may not be the fastest dogs on the block, they possess a unique combination of strength, agility, and endurance that sets them apart. Their size, build, genetics, and training all contribute to their individual speed potential. Whether they are racing champions, search and rescue heroes, or simply our beloved companions, Akitas continue to captivate us with their grace and majestic presence, reminding us that speed is just one facet of their incredible abilities.

ThePetFaq Team