Can Parakeets Eat Oranges? [What About The Peel?]

Can parakeets eat oranges? Oranges are many people’s favorite foods. People eat them, drink their juice, or put them in smoothies. Since so many people eat this fruit frequently it’s not surprising that a large number of parakeet owners wonder if they can share their favorite fruit with their birds. If you’ve ever wondered if … Read more

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How Long Can Parakeets go Without Food and Water?

The two main things all creatures on this green earth need are food and water, and budgies are no exception. However, the amount of time animals can go without differs between them. Some can go for days or weeks without food and water, while others will only last a few hours. When you take care … Read more

Can Parakeets Eat Rice? [Is This is a Good Diet Addition?]

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