Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania Paradoxa): Care, Pictures & Facts

The Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania Paradoxa) is an enigmatic mantis species native to the African continent and Madagascar. This species is quite popular in the insect-keeping hobby. It usually displays dark brown colors from greenish to light brown depending on the environment and humidity. It’s known for being one of the few species that can sustain … Read more

Chinese Mantis: Care, Info, Facts, Pictures & More

The Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) is one of the most popular pets amongst the Mantid species. They’re big, easy to take care of, and easy to find, which makes them readily available for people who want to keep one as a pet. Also, just like many other mantis species, they’re a fantastic sight of elegance … Read more

Carolina Mantis: Care, Info, Facts, Pictures & More!

The Carolina Mantis (Stagmomantis Carolina) is a beautiful Mantis species native to the American continents. It’s a stunning insect with patterns that help it resemble a twig or a branch. They’re commonly used as pest control since, unlike the Chinese Mantis, the Carolina Mantis isn’t invasive; however, they’re also often kept as interesting pets. One … Read more