Flat Rock Scorpion: Care Sheet, Pictures, Facts & Info

The Flat Rock Scorpion (Hadogenes troglodytes) is a terrestrial scorpion species native to South Africa. They’re the longest and most likely the heaviest species in the world, which has made them very desired as pets. Popular for their size, sturdiness, and long lifespan, it’s easy to care for them as they’re used to challenging environments, … Read more

Dictator Scorpion: Care Sheet, Facts, Pictures & Info

The Dictator Scorpion, scientifically known as the Pandinus dictator, is a scorpion species that is closely related to the Emperor Scorpion. It’s quite a rare species, and some people even believe that their existence is a myth. However, they definitely do exist, and you can buy them and keep them as a pet! If the … Read more

Asian Forest Scorpion: Care Sheet, Info, Pictures, Facts & More

The Asian Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer) is a species of scorpions belonging to the Scorpionidae family. It’s a terrestrial scorpion that lives on the forest floors of India, Malaysia, and India. However, due to their striking appearance and large size, they’ve also become very popular among hobbyists. They’re an excellent species for beginners to the … Read more