Are Guinea Pigs Hypoallergenic? (What About Skinny Pigs?)

Are you a sufferer of seasonal or pet allergies? You’re not alone, as there are millions of people worldwide who suffer from allergies daily. They can be frustrating and they often interfere with everyday life.  Perhaps you’re an avid animal lover and looking to add a Guinea Pig to your home and are worried that … Read more

Teddy Guinea Pigs: Traits, Care, Facts & Pictures

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Skinny Pig (Hairless Guinea Pig) 101: Complete Guide

If you think only fluffy animals make great pets, it is because you have not yet met a Skinny Pig—an almost hairless guinea pig variety that makes sweet, social, and affectionate pets. They are not too different from the fluffy guinea pigs that we all know and love, except that they do not have hair … Read more

Meet The 13 Guinea Pig Breeds: A Full Overview [With Pictures]

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tomatoes? [5 Important Precautions Before Feeding]

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