Sheba Guinea Pig Profile [Facts, Care, Pictures, Personality]

Deciding that you want a guinea pig as your next pet is easy. They’re cute, affectionate, and smart animals, which makes them great as pets. However, since there are over a dozen different breeds it can sometimes be difficult to decide which breed you want. In today’s breed spotlight, we’re going to take a closer … Read more

Rex Guinea Pig Breed Profile: Info, Pictures, Care, Facts

The Rex guinea pig is easily recognizable because of its unique coat. The Rex has a short and dense coat that grows from the back to the front. Their short and dense coat gives them a very unique appearance. Furthermore, they’re also quite big. The Rex is the largest of all the guinea pig breeds. … Read more

Lunkarya Guinea Pig: Complete Breed Profile [Care, Behavior, Pictures, Cost, Diet & More!]

Guinea pigs, often lovingly referred to as “Cavies”, are very popular among pet owners, and for good reasons. Many people love them because they’re affectionate, intelligent, kind, and of course because of their cute appearance. Much like dogs, there are many different guinea pig breeds. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to decide … Read more

Texel Guinea Pig Breed Profile [Care, Lifespan, Diet, Price & More]

Guinea pigs are popular pets. If you’re considering getting a guinea pig as your next companion, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing which breed you want. There are many different breeds, all with their own appearance and characteristics. Finding out which breed is the best fit for you is important because … Read more