Can Hamsters Eat Seeds? [Sunflower, Chia, Pumpkin & Others]

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Can Hamsters Eat Meat? [Beef, Pork, Salami, Ham & More!]

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Do Hamsters Have Tails? The Difference Between The Breeds

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Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters: Care, Traits, Fact Sheet & More

Campbell’s dwarf hamster is a small rodent native to China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia. They’re usually a gray brownish color with a dark dorsal stripe running along their spine. Campbell’s hamsters make interesting pets. They’re not the most affectionate hamster breed but if they’re well socialized they don’t mind being handled. This, combined with their … Read more

Winter White Hamsters: The Complete Care Guide

The Winter White Dwarf Hamster is known by many names. Most people simply call them the Winter White hamster, but they’re also known as the Russian Dwarf hamster, Djungarian hamster, striped dwarf hamster, or the Siberian dwarf hamster. While not everybody can agree on what to call them, most people can agree on one thing: … Read more

Panda & Black Bear Hamsters: 8 Cool Facts & Pictures

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Syrian Hamsters: Full Guide to the Golden Hamster Breed

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