African Soft Fur Rat: Care, Info, Pictures & Facts

The African Soft Fur Rat is a rodent species that is relatively new to the pet trade. Whereas fancy rats and mice have been kept as pets for hundreds of years, the African Soft Fur Rat has been kept in captivity for a much shorter time. As a result of this, many people do not … Read more

Rats & Water: Can They Get Wet, Swim, or Bathe?

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Are Rats Affectionate? (Do They Like to Be Held?)

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Baby Rats: 10 Fascinating Facts & Pictures

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Rats as Pets: 11 Reasons Why They’re The Best Companions

For many people, rats are not the first animal they think of when they decide to get a pet. This is a shame because rats are actually great companions. In my opinion, they’re one of the best pets for many people. They’re smart, social, affectionate, and cheap to boot! Today, we’re going to take a … Read more

Do Rats & Mice Like Music? The Science-backed Answer!

Rats and mice are great pets, they’re smart, affectionate, social, and quite low maintenance. Spending time with them is a lot of fun, but there’s one thing that’s sometimes frustrating: We can’t talk with them. Because we can not talk with our pets, we can not ask them what they like. For instance, we can … Read more

Harley Rats: Discover the Long-haired Rat Variant (With Pictures!)

Pet rats can have many different defining characteristics. Some have no tail, others have no hair, and yet others have strange ears. However, one thing that they all have in common is that they do not have long hair. Nevertheless, there is one exception to this rule: The Harley Rat. Harley rats are characterized by … Read more

Hairless Rats Info: Care, Price, Lifespan, Facts (With Pictures)

Rats come in many different varieties. Most of the varieties are well known to people, but none of them are as mysterious and thought-provoking as the hairless rat. These rats are also known as Sphynx Rats. As the name suggests, this rat has no hair. They have no hair as a result of genetic mutation. … Read more

Rex Rats: Origins, Facts, Care, Traits (With Pictures)

While most rats have straight, smooth coats, Rex rats are unique because they have a wavy, curly coat. This curly coat gives them a very distinct appearance, making them highly desired among rat owners. Rats are smart, affectionate, cute, and highly intelligent. They can learn tricks with ease and are among the most social animals … Read more

Tailless Rat: Facts, Care, Concerns, Important Info, Pictures

Name Tailless Rat (Manx Rat) Breed Rattus Norvegicus (Fancy Rat) Defining feature Lack of tail due to genetic mutation Temperament Intelligent, affectionate, curious, social, playful Lifespan 18 to 36 months Colors Any colors, most common: Black, Blue, Siamese, Champagne, and Agouti Weight 450-650 grams for males, 350-450 grams for females The tailless rat, also known … Read more