Tailless Rat: Facts, Care, Concerns, Important Info, Pictures

Name Tailless Rat (Manx Rat) Breed Rattus Norvegicus (Fancy Rat) Defining feature Lack of tail due to genetic mutation Temperament Intelligent, affectionate, curious, social, playful Lifespan 18 to 36 months Colors Any colors, most common: Black, Blue, Siamese, Champagne, and Agouti Weight 450-650 grams for males, 350-450 grams for females The tailless rat, also known … Read more

Can Rats Have Dairy? [Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice Cream]

Rats are opportunistic eaters that will eat almost anything you offer them. However, while rats can safely eat a large variety of different foods, there are some foods that have to be avoided. Knowing which foods are safe and which ones to avoid is essential knowledge for any rat owner. Feeding your rat the right … Read more