Hamsters vs Rats: Which Pet is Best for You?

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Can Hamsters and Rats Breed? What You Should Know!

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Rat Popcorning & Zoomies: What is it & What Does it Mean?

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Rat Buying Guide: Pet Shop, Breeder or Rescue?

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Holding Rats: Do They Like It & How to Do it Properly?

Rats are the most social rodent on the planet. Not only are they incredibly social with members of their species, they’re also very receptive to human interaction. However, while many people are aware that rats are receptive to human love and affection, there are some mysterious about the rat’s likes and dislikes as well. Something … Read more

5 Reasons Why Rats Chew on Cages (& How to Stop it!)

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5 Things That Rats HATE That Pet Owners Should Avoid

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Rat Intelligence: This is How Smart They REALLY Are…

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Albino Rats: Everything You Need to Know About PEWs

Rats come in many different colors and patterns. All of the colors are unique in their own way, but for me, the rat that really stands out is the Albino rat. Albino rats are characterized by their white coat and red eyes, giving them a recognizable and unique appearance. Because of their unique appearance, people … Read more