Corgi Samoyed Mix: 7 Fascinating Facts & Pictures

It’s hard to resist the cute, spunky Corgi or the loving, sociable Samoyed! If you’ve been to a dog park or are lucky enough to own either of these breeds, you know that they’re an affectionate and playful companion. With the rise of “designer” dogs, new mixes, including the Corgi Samoyed Mix, seem to be popping up everywhere! 

But what are the benefits of a designer dog or hybrid? By careful breeding, the health of purebred dogs can be improved by mixing them with other purebreds. This will result in a new breed that will be healthier and combine the desirable traits of both parents. Furthermore, it gives the crossbreed a unique look that combines features from both parents.

Both the Corgi and Samoyed are well-loved breeds, as they are affectionate, loyal, and spirited. With a Corgi x Samoyed, sometimes called a Corgoyed, you’ll have a companion that is athletic and loyal to their families, with a very playful personality!

Height10-23 inches 
Weight30-50 pounds
Lifespan12-14 years 
Best suited forActive families, families with children  
TemperamentLoyal, affectionate, sociable, energetic 
Corgi Samoyed Mix Fact Sheet

7 Corgi Samoyed Mix Facts

1. They’ll have a thick, double coat

Corgis & Samoyeds have a thick, double-layered coat that helps insulate them from the cold. Hailing from Wales, where the weather is unpredictable and often cold & rainy, Corgis were bred to adapt to this weather to work as herding dogs. 

Samoyeds were bred in the northern countries, such as Siberia, where they would need to be insulated from the weather as well. Together, this creates a mix that will have a well-insulated coat that keeps them warm but will shed a lot. This mix will require a constant grooming routine! 

2. They want to be the center of attention

Both parent breeds are dogs that thrive in the spotlight. A Corgi Samoyed mix is going to want to be with you at all times and have your attention on them.

Whether it’s playing with you or other pets, they’ll be where the action is at. As both parent breeds are confident, they’ll charge right into playing and quickly become the star of the show. 

Early socialization with mental & physical stimulation will help with the demanding nature of this mix. Don’t let this diva of a personality turn you away, they simply want to be around their loved ones at all times. 

3. Corgi Samoyed mixes don’t do well in the heat

Samoyeds were bred to withstand brutal northern winters. Their long, double-layer coats protect them from extreme colds and help insulate them. The Corgi is also a double layer coat breed, but can better handle higher temperatures. 

Your Corgi x Samoyed will not tolerate high temperatures well because of their Samoyed parent. They’ll need to be kept cool and will excel in locations where it is cooler or experiences all four seasons. 

If you’re a person who loves the cold, this mix will be perfect for you! Corgi x Samoyed Mixes love the snow and will make great companions for winter activities. They can be stubborn to bring inside as they excel in cold temperatures, but a tasty treat or two should convince them to come and warm up. 

4. Be careful to not over-exercise this breed

This mix is perfect for active families and will require at least 60 minutes of exercise daily. They’ll excel at fetch, hikes, and dog park adventures, especially if it’s an activity where they can be social. 

It’s important to pay attention to the length of your dog’s spine from day one. If your puppy or adult dog has inherited the longer spine of their Corgi parent, they can have spinal problems from too much exercise. 

Since this is an active and intelligent breed, they’ll enjoy puzzle games, learning new tricks, and other mentally stimulating activities that don’t require a lot of physical exertion. Check with your vet to determine the physical needs of your Corgi x Samoyed Mix. 

5. They have a high prey drive 

It can be surprising to learn that Corgis were bred to herd sheep and other livestock. These little guys have earned their right to a spunky attitude as they herd animals much larger than themselves.

Samoyeds are also a herding breed, as they were in charge of reindeer herds and helping their owners keep their livestock in order. 

Combined, this means that the Corgi Samoyed mixed breed will have a high prey drive and will happily go after small mammals, such as rabbits and squirrels. They can be quite fun to watch at dog parks or doggie daycares, as they’ll try to round up their fellow dogs!

6. They get along extremely well with other pets

Part of the charm of each of these breeds is their social nature. While they love to be the center of attention, they socialize well and always want to play.

Sometimes called the “police” of the dog park, Corgis can be a bit more of a referee around other pets that are playing. 

Luckily, the Samoyed is a much more laid-back breed that will happily play with anyone, which will help to mellow out the Corgi genes.

This mix will always be looking to play with any other pets in your home or others that they meet! 

7. Corgi Samoyed Mix puppies can be pricey

If this mixed breed has stolen your heart and you can’t wait to take one into your home, be prepared to pay a decent amount of cash. The price of these dogs does depend highly on your location, but on average, you can expect to spend at least $600 for one of these puppies. On the high end, they can even cost as much as $2000.

Before buying, it’s always important that you select a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders might charge higher prices, but the puppies they sell are bred ethically and are often much healthier, which justifies the higher cost.

Final thoughts: Is the Corgi Samoyed Mix right for you? 

If you’re an active family looking for a loyal, affectionate, and playful dog companion to add to your home, the Corgi x Samoyed Mix may just be perfect! They’ll need plenty of exercise and can demand attention, but they’ll reward you with unconditional love. 

The Corgi Samoyed Mix is not for everyone and should be carefully researched before bringing one home. They’ll test your patience with their stubborn streaks but then make you laugh by being playful and goofy. This mix will get along great with other pets and enjoy being around children, especially if they can play with them. 

This proud, stubborn, and confident mix will bring a boatload of energy to your home but will still enjoy post-zoomie cuddles.

All in all, this breed is many people’s favorite Samoyed mix, and for good reason! They’re wonderful dogs that will provide you with loyalty and love for many years.

ThePetFaq Team