Do Norwegian Forest Cats Like Water? Exploring Their Relationship with H2O

Norwegian Forest Cats, also known as Wegies, are a majestic and ancient breed. They have a long and rich history, dating back hundreds of years. These cats were believed to have originated in the forests of Norway, where they developed their unique characteristics to survive in the harsh Scandinavian climate.

Origins in Norway

In Norway, these cats were highly valued for their exceptional hunting skills and their ability to withstand the cold weather. They were revered as companions and protectors, often found in Viking households and Norwegian folklore. Their thick, water-resistant coats became their armor against the elements, including water.

Physical Characteristics

Coat and colors

One of the most striking features of Norwegian Forest Cats is their beautiful, dense double coat. It consists of a long, water-repellent top layer and a soft, insulating undercoat. This luxurious coat comes in various colors and patterns, adding to their allure.

Size and body structure

Norwegian Forest Cats are known for their impressive size and muscular build. They are large and long-bodied cats, with strong bones and substantial muscle mass. Their powerful hind legs give them the agility and strength to navigate through their natural forest environment.

Temperament Traits

Independent nature

Norwegian Forest Cats have an independent streak that can be traced back to their days in the wild. They possess a strong sense of self and are known for their self-reliance. However, despite their independent nature, they are also known to form deep bonds with their human companions.

Social behavior

While Norwegian Forest Cats may be independent, they are also sociable creatures. They enjoy the company of their human family and are known to be friendly and affectionate. They are often described as gentle giants, with a loving and calm demeanor.

Water and Norwegian Forest Cats

Curiosity towards water

Contrary to popular belief, Norwegian Forest Cats are often curious about water. They may be intrigued by the sound of running water or the ripples in a pond. Some cats may even dip their paws into water bowls or investigate dripping faucets.

Swimming abilities

While not all Norwegian Forest Cats are natural swimmers, some have been known to take to water with ease. Their powerful bodies and well-developed muscles make it possible for them to navigate through water if they choose to do so. However, it’s important to note that not all cats of this breed will enjoy swimming.

Factors Influencing Water Preference

Individual personality

Just like humans, cats have unique personalities. Some Norwegian Forest Cats may be more adventurous and curious about water, while others may prefer to keep their paws dry. It’s essential to respect their individual preferences and never force them into situations they are uncomfortable with.

Experiences during kittenhood

Early experiences play a significant role in shaping a cat’s preferences. Kittens that are exposed to water in a positive and gentle manner during their early development stages may grow up to be more comfortable and accepting of water-related activities.

Benefits of a Water-Friendly Cat

Easy grooming and bathing

If your Norwegian Forest Cat is water-friendly, grooming and bathing become a breeze. Their water-resistant coat repels water, making it easier to keep them clean and free from mats. Regular bathing can help maintain their luxurious coat in pristine condition.

Potential health advantages

Water-loving Norwegian Forest Cats may also have potential health benefits. Adequate hydration is crucial for overall health, and if your cat enjoys water, they may be more inclined to drink water regularly, reducing the risk of dehydration or urinary tract issues.

Caring for a Water-Loving Norwegian Forest Cat

Providing water-related enrichment

To cater to your water-loving Norwegian Forest Cat, consider providing water-related enrichment activities. This can include a small water fountain or interactive toys that involve water play. Remember to always supervise and ensure their safety during these activities.

Water safety precautions

While some Norwegian Forest Cats may enjoy water, it’s important to prioritize their safety. Always ensure that they have access to clean, fresh water and never leave them unattended near pools, ponds, or other bodies of water. Cats, like any other animal, should be kept safe from accidental drowning.


In conclusion, Norwegian Forest Cats have a complex relationship with water. While not all cats of this breed are natural water enthusiasts, many exhibit curiosity and even swimming abilities. Understanding your individual cat’s preferences and providing a safe and enriching environment is essential. Whether your Norwegian Forest Cat loves water or prefers to stay dry, their unique characteristics and captivating personalities will continue to charm and delight cat lovers around the world.

ThePetFaq Team