How Do Geckos Drink? A Comprehensive Guide to Gecko Hydration!

Geckos have a specialized skin that allows them to absorb water through their skin. This is especially useful in arid environments where water sources are scarce. Their skin is covered in tiny, hair-like structures called setae. These setae allow geckos to cling to surfaces and also help them to absorb water.

The Tongue: A Vital Tool for Drinking

Geckos also have a unique tongue that they use to drink water. Their tongue is covered in tiny projections called papillae that help them to lap up water like a tiny sponge. This method of drinking is especially useful for drinking from small pools of water or droplets of dew.

The Eyes: A Surprising Player in Gecko Hydration

Geckos also have a unique way of hydrating themselves through their eyes. They have a membrane over their eyes that allows them to absorb water. When they lick their eyes, they are not cleaning them, but rather drinking water that has collected on the membrane.

Types of Water Sources for Geckos

Geckos have several sources of water available to them in their natural habitats.

Rainwater: A Common Natural Source of Water

Rainwater is a common source of water for geckos, especially in areas with a high annual rainfall. Geckos will drink the rainwater as it collects on leaves, rocks, or other surfaces.

Water from Dew and Condensation: A Reliable Source of Hydration

In arid environments where rain is scarce, geckos will rely on dew and condensation for hydration. They will often perch on plants or rocks in the early morning when dew is present to drink the water.

Water from Food: A Lesser-Known Source of Hydration

Geckos can also get water from their food. Insects and other small prey that geckos eat often contain a significant amount of water. This is why it is important to provide your pet gecko with a varied diet.

Gecko Watering and Drinking Habits

Geckos have unique watering and drinking habits that are important to understand to ensure their proper hydration.

Drinking Frequency: How Often Do Geckos Drink Water?

The frequency at which geckos drink water varies depending on their species, age, and environment. Generally, adult geckos will drink water every few days, while juveniles and breeding females may drink more frequently.

Drinking Methods: How Do Geckos Drink Water?

Geckos have several methods for drinking water, including licking dew or rainwater off surfaces, drinking from dripping taps or faucets, and drinking from a shallow water dish.

Factors Affecting Gecko Hydration

Several factors can affect the hydration of geckos, including humidity and temperature, and the setup of their enclosure.

Humidity and Temperature: Why They Matter

Humidity and temperature are two critical factors for gecko hydration. Geckos require a certain level of humidity in their environment to prevent dehydration. Additionally, they need a range of temperatures to regulate their body temperature and maintain proper hydration.

Enclosure Setup: Creating a Proper Drinking Environment for Geckos

The setup of a gecko’s enclosure can significantly affect their hydration. Providing a shallow water dish and misting the enclosure with water can help increase humidity and provide additional sources of water.

Signs of Dehydration in Geckos and How to Prevent It

Dehydration is a serious condition that can have severe consequences for geckos. It’s important to know the signs of dehydration and take steps to prevent it.

Common Signs of Dehydration in Geckos

Some common signs of dehydration in geckos include sunken eyes, wrinkled skin, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

Preventing Dehydration in Geckos: Tips and Tricks

To prevent dehydration in geckos, it’s important to provide them with a proper environment, including a shallow water dish and adequate humidity levels. Additionally, it’s important to ensure they have access to a varied diet with sources of hydration.


Geckos have unique adaptations that allow them to survive in arid environments with scarce water sources. Understanding their drinking mechanism, water sources, watering and drinking habits, and the factors that affect their hydration is essential for proper care. By providing a suitable environment and a varied diet, you can ensure your gecko stays hydrated and healthy.

ThePetFaq Team