Top 10 Samoyed Mixes You Have to See! (With Pictures)

Are you considering adopting a Samoyed mix into your house? If so, you’ve come to the right place because I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the top 10 best Samoyed Mixed breeds in this post. If you’ve ever seen a white, fluffy cloud with four legs walk past your house, you may … Read more

Flat Rock Scorpion: Care Sheet, Pictures, Facts & Info

The Flat Rock Scorpion (Hadogenes troglodytes) is a terrestrial scorpion species native to South Africa. They’re the longest and most likely the heaviest species in the world, which has made them very desired as pets. Popular for their size, sturdiness, and long lifespan, it’s easy to care for them as they’re used to challenging environments, … Read more

Entre Rios Tarantula (Grammostola iheringi): Care Guide

The Entre Rios Tarantula is a New World Terrestrial species native to South America. It’s a beautiful spider that is considered a happy surprise among experienced hobbyists. Unlike other members of the Grammostola genus, the ERT is larger, faster, and more aggressive. It also packs a stunning look with bright colors over a velvety black … Read more

Brazilian Black Tarantula (Grammostola pulchra): Care Guide

The Brazilian Black Tarantula (Grammostola pulchra) is a terrestrial New World species native to Brazil. It’s highly desired among hobbyists for its jet-black body, docile temperament, and long lifespan. Their docile temperament in combination with their non-potent venom also makes them a very suitable species for beginner hobbyists. If the Brazilian Black Tarantula has drawn … Read more

Top 10 New World Tarantula Species (With Pictures!)

There are over 900 tarantula species, and new ones are still identified every year. Today, we’re taking a closer look at New World Tarantulas specifically. New World Tarantulas are those that are endemic to North and South America. They’re typically more docile than Old World species and often have urticating hairs. In addition, they’re often … Read more

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix: 10 Facts & Pictures

Dog lovers know the kind faces of the Pomeranians and the Golden Retrievers. They are beautiful, golden, and kind dogs with playful personalities and high energy. This is where most of their similarities end, as Golden Retrievers are much larger than Pomeranians. However, as things turned out, people in love with both of these dogs … Read more

Hispaniolan Giant Tarantula (Phormictopus cancerides): Care Guide

The Hispaniolan Giant Tarantula is a terrestrial New World species from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Most owners agree that it’s a highly underrated spider in the hobby. With a reputation for being aggressive, flicking hairs, and having a strong venom, most hobbyists don’t see the appeal in owning one. However, they make for excellent … Read more

Dictator Scorpion: Care Sheet, Facts, Pictures & Info

The Dictator Scorpion, scientifically known as the Pandinus dictator, is a scorpion species that is closely related to the Emperor Scorpion. It’s quite a rare species, and some people even believe that their existence is a myth. However, they definitely do exist, and you can buy them and keep them as a pet! If the … Read more

Golden Retriever Pug Mix: 7 Important Facts & Pictures

With a rise in popularity of “designer breeds”, the Golden Retriever Pug mix has become a popular choice among families. Designer breeds are simply two different purebred dogs mixed together to create a hybrid with the desired traits of both parents.  Often referred to as “Golden Pugs’, these guys bring the characteristics loved by both … Read more

Amazon Sapphire Tarantula (Ybyrapora diversipes): Care Guide

The Amazon Sapphire Tarantula (Ybyrapora diversipes) receives her name thanks to her vibrant colors. This New World arboreal species is new in the hobby, making her difficult to find, but that makes her all the more desirable for some collectors. She’s also skittish and defensive, which means beginners shouldn’t handle her. However, she’s still a … Read more