Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix: 10 Facts & Pictures

Dog lovers know the kind faces of the Pomeranians and the Golden Retrievers. They are beautiful, golden, and kind dogs with playful personalities and high energy. This is where most of their similarities end, as Golden Retrievers are much larger than Pomeranians.

However, as things turned out, people in love with both of these dogs started breeding them, and the result was the quite popular Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix.

Thinking about the Pomeranian and Golden Retriever separately, it’s easy to see why they’d make such a beautiful breed. In this article, we’ll sometimes reference the resulting offspring as Golden Pomeranian since there’s not a universal name for them yet.

This new dog breed is taking over with its popularity, so we give you eight facts about the Golden Pomeranian to get to know them better.

8 Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Facts

1. The Best of Both Worlds

Both the Pomeranian and the Golden Retriever are known for being very beautiful dogs. It wasn’t a surprise when people started breeding these two dogs together and found out the result was a handsome dog.

Depending on the particular Golden Pomeranian, some display more characteristics of the Pomeranians while others are more akin to a Golden Retriever; these are some of their usual characteristics:

  • They have a golden or orange mane. Most Pomeranians are around these colors, as well as almost all Golden Retrievers, so this was expected.
  • The ears can resemble a Pomeranian or a Golden Retriever. This means you can either get a dog with pointy ears or floppy ears.
  • They far long and fluffy fur that resembles a Pomeranian’s hair. You’ll see this as good news if you think about grooming these dogs.
  • The faces are a mix of both parent races. The eyes, nose, and snouts can belong to either one or the other, so each Pomeranian Golden comes as a surprise!

2. A Perfect Size for Children

Golden retrievers are famous for being playful and energetic dogs. Pomeranians are also very energetic, smart, and kind, so both are fit for playing for hours.

However, when it comes to children, the Pomeranian is often considered too small and vulnerable; there’s a chance that they may get hurt while playing with kids.

The golden retriever, on the other end of the spectrum, is so large that parents sometimes worry they may knock over their children as they play.

If you think about these two possibilities, it’s not hard to see that this mixed breed gets the playfulness of its parents in a more convenient size. You’ll get a playful, full of energy, and fit to play with children of any age.

3. Smart Parents Make Smart Sons

Both the Pomeranian and the Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix inherits their mental prowess.

Energetic, playful, and smart, these dogs are perfect for learning tricks. Besides simple things such as rolling around and catching balls, you’ll be surprised by the number of tasks you can teach your Golden Pomeranian.

It’s able to empty your trash bin, retrieve objects, and take care of babies while they sleep!

4. A Good but Noisy Boy

These beautiful golden boys get a bad reputation for barking too much. If you think about it, this good boy didn’t have a choice!

Both the Pomeranian and the Golden Retriever are guard dogs. They bark loudly when they see anything that calls their attention, so the Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix behaves the same way.

As it happens with smart dogs, it’s possible to train them so they can tone down this behavior. However, it’s ingrained into their being, so you won’t be able to take it out completely. 

5. Grooming may not be a Challenge

Golden Retriever owners enjoy their golden manes and large sizes… well, up until it’s time to groom them. They’re large dogs with thick manes that need constant care, or else you’ll get a house full of fur.

Pomeranians are also very hairy, but they’re much smaller dogs, so they’re easier to care for. As with most things regarding this mix, you’ll find the Golden Pomeranian lies somewhere in the middle.

Luckily, most dogs of this mixed breed don’t need too much grooming. Since their hair is more on par with the Pomeranian side than the Golden side, they’re not such big shedders and one brushing session per week is enough.

However, you may need to increase the frequency if your dog inherited more from the Golden Retriever.

6. Watch Out for Health Issues

Sadly, purebred dogs have health issues due to inbreeding. Each breed has particular health problems that owners should be aware of. In the case of the Golden Pomeranian, they can inherit any of the health issues of the parent breeds, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for both.

Golden Retrievers are prone to having eye issues, cardiac issues, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia. The Pomeranian, on the other hand, is at risk of suffering from eye issues, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, autoimmune thyroiditis, and heart issues.

Both breeds share hip dysplasia, eye issues, and heart issues, so you should be particularly aware of these and take your dog to the veterinarian regularly for a check-up to keep them strong and healthy.

7. Not a Good Fit for Lazy People

As happens with all energetic dogs, the Golden Pomeranian needs exercise to remain happy and healthy. Opinions may vary, but most agree that around thirty to sixty minutes of good exercise every day should be enough for them.

Let them play with your kids, take them to a park, or take them out for walks, and they’ll be happy.

8. A Big Heart in a Small Good Boy

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix shares personality traits with both of its parents. The American Kennel Club has described it as a “small dog that doesn’t know it’s small.”

They’re territorial and protective dogs; they’re also loyal and loving, so their families will often be at the center of their protection.

As happens with the Golden Retriever, the Golden Pomeranian is very friendly and great at socializing. They have an amazing attitude towards members of the family. Depending on their training, they can be prone to playing with strangers or more reserved and cautious.

In this regard, they take on the balance between the Golden Retriever (loves strangers) and the Pomeranian (more guarded). 

9. They get along splendidly with other pets

Golden Pomeranians get along very well with other dogs, cats, and other pets. If you take one of these dogs into your home, they’ll often want to become friends with the entire household right away. It’s in their nature to be very social and get along with other animals.

10. Golden Pomeranians can be expensive

There are not all that many breeders that sell Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix puppies, so finding one for sale can be tricky. Even if you do find one, expect to pay a pretty penny. On average, these puppies sell for $500 to $2000.

Final words: Is a Golden Pomeranian the right dog breed for you?

It’s easy to see why the Golden Retriever Pomeranian mixed breed became so popular. Golden Retrievers may be too large for some people, and the Pomeranian could be too small and fragile.

The mix between them solves both problems while maintaining plenty of the parent’s best qualities. Sadly, we don’t have anyone to thank since its origin is unclear; however, we’re still grateful to whoever popularized these amazing dogs for us.

ThePetFaq Team