Siberian Kittens for Sale in PA: Breeders List 2022

If you’re looking for a Siberian kitten for sale in Pennsylvania, you’re not alone. Siberians are among the most popular cat breeds, and for good reason. Not only do their long coat and cute face give them a very unique and beautiful appearance, but their hypoallergenic nature also makes them an excellent choice for people with allergies.

However, finding a breeder that has Siberian kittens for sale can be difficult. For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of 4 Siberian kitten breeders in the state of Pennsylvania.

4 Siberian Kitten Breeders in Pennsylvania

1. Willow Springs

NameWillow Springs
Location395 Eagle Mill Road, Butler, PA 16001
Phone number(724) 496-2636
Email[email protected]
Price$100 waitlist, $1600 total

Willow Springs is a TICA registered at-home cattery located in Western Pennsylvania. They breed purebred Siberian kittens and have been doing so for over 15 years, giving them a lot of experience.

They take excellent care of their cats and kittens and socialize them very well before sending them to their new homes. The kittens they sell are raised in a home with 4 children, dogs, and several other pets, so they’re very well adapted to living in bustling homes.

They have many happy customers who regularly post pictures of their adorable furballs on their Facebook page as well as on the testimonial section of their website.

2. RockAran

NameRocKaRan SiberKats
LocationQuakertown, PA
Phone numberN/A
Price$125 deposit, final price unsure

RocKaRan is a TICA registered Siberian kitten breeder located in Quakertown and all their cats are registered with TICA/CFA as well. All their kittens come with a health guarantee.

3. Propurr

LocationPhiladelphia, PA
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]
Price$1700 to $2000

ProPurr is a cattery that specializes in breeding Siberian kittens. They’re located in Philadelphia and are registered with TICA as well as the CFA. They breed traditional as well as colorpoint Siberians.

All their kittens are spayed/neutered, litter trained, up-to-date on kitten vaccinations, microchipped, and TICA registered.

To see some of their litters, check out their Facebook page, which contains many adorable pictures and videos!

4. Inspurrations

LocationDelaware, PA
Phone number973-851-3154
Email[email protected]
Price$1100 to $1800

Inspurrations is a TICA registered Siberian breeder located in Delaware County, PA. They raise their cats in a cage-free, loving environment and breed colorpoints as well as traditional Siberians.

Their kittens are relatively cheap compared to other breeders. They do have some happy customers that recommend them on Reddit but at the same time, they also have some complaints against them on complaintsboard. Always make sure to do your research before buying from any breeder!

Final words

Finding a good, reputable breeder is not always easy, especially when you’re in the market for a purebred kitten, but it’s very important. Not only does choosing a good, ethical breeder ensure that you get a healthy, happy, and well-socialized kitten, but it also supports ethical breeding practices.

Please note that I have not purchased from all of these catteries in person. I love cats, but buying from every single cattery is too much even for me! This is simply a listing to help you get more familiar with the breeders in your area. It gives you the most important information at a glance, but it’s always important to look into them more before making your final decision.

If you couldn’t find a suitable breeder on this list, it might be a good idea to take a look at breeders in neighboring New York or Ohio instead!

I hope that this list helped you out, and best of luck on your search!

Jesse A.