Weimaraner Puppies for Sale in NC: Top 5 Breeders 2022

If you’re looking for a breeder with Weimaraner puppies for sale in the state of North Carolina, you’re in the right place. Finding a good breeder can be difficult. There’s a lot of research involved to ensure that the breeder you pick follows ethical breeding practices and raises the pups with love and care.

Picking a good breeder is especially important with dogs like the Weimaraner. Weims are relatively large hunting dogs with strong personalities and lots of strength. If raised by the wrong breeder, they can be difficult to control. On the flip side though, if they’re raised by the right breeder and end up in the right home they can be some of the most loyal companions you’ll ever meet.

We’ve done the research for you to select the top 5 Weimaraner puppy breeders in the state. Let’s take a look!

5 Weimaraner Breeders in North Carolina

1. Patty’s Puppy Love Farm

NamePatty’s Puppy Love Farm
LocationJulian, NC
Phone number(336) 685-9013
Email[email protected]
Price$500 deposit, $1500 total

Located in Julian, North Carolina, you’ll find Patty’s Puppy Love Farm. A dog breeder that’s been breeding a variety of different dogs for over 20 years now. Operated by Todd and Patty Hughes, this family-owned business has bred many litters of Weimaraner puppies for many happy customers. They’re only a short drive away from Greensboro and within reachable distance of many other towns such as Charlotte, Asheboro, and High Point, making them easily accessible.

Over their 20 years in business, their customers have rewarded them with very positive feedback. On their Facebook page, they’ve received a rating of 4.9/5 stars with a total of 54 reviews. On Google, they’ve got a 4.7/5 star rating.

When you buy a puppy from patty’s Puppy Love Farm you can expect it to come with AKC registration, deworming, microchip, and its first shots. They also come with a 2-year health guarantee.

2. Hidden Spring Weimaraners

NameHidden Spring Weimaraners
LocationFuquay-Varina, NC
Phone number(910) 638-0774
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Hidden Spring Weimaraners is a breeder that is located in Fuquay-Varina, a small town in North Carolina to the south of Raleigh and Durham. It’s also close to Fayetteville, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Winston-Salem, making them very accessible.

They’ve been breeding Weimaraner puppies for over 20 years and have Silver, Grey, and Blue colored Weims available. Their dogs are AKC-registered, are dewormed, and have their first shots when they go to their new home.

This breeder does not have an active website and conducts most of its business through Facebook instead. On their page, they have many beautiful pictures of their dogs.

In their 20 years of business, they’ve had many happy customers and have a 5-star rating.

3. Split Rock Weimaraners

NameSplit Rock Weimaraners
LocationUnion Grove, NC
Phone number(704) 929-8571
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Split Rock is located in Union Grove. They’re a breeder of horses and also Weimaraner puppies. This breeder strives to breed for excellence in conformation, temperament, health, and hunting ability to create a complete and versatile dog. They also participate in dog shows and the dogs they breed with have won several AKC titles.

This breeder has had some happy customers who have bought excellent Weimaraner puppies from them. On average, they have a 5-star rating on Facebook with a total of 7 reviews.

4. Timberlyn Farms

NameTimberlyn Farms
LocationCraven County, NC
Phone number(252) 665-0590
PriceContact breeder

Located on a 12-acre farm in Craven County, you’ll find Timberlyn Farms. They’re a breeder that specializes in breeding wonderful Weimaraner puppies.

They’ve received many positive customer reviews, and have an average rating of 4.3/5 stars on Google with a total of 12 reviews, as well as many testimonials on their website.

Unfortunately, there’s not much other information available about them.

5. Griffins Corgis and Weims

LocationSnow Hill, NC
Phone number(252) 361-2945
Email[email protected]

Griffins is a husband and wife duo that breeds dogs. They’re located in Snow Hill. Unfortunately, it seems like they used to breed Weimaraners but no longer do so. It might be worth contacting them to ask, though, since they have many positive reviews.

ThePetFaq recommends adoption over buying from a breeder. However, we also understand that adopting is not always possible and that there are many good reasons for choosing to buy from a breeder. Please note that we did not visit these breeders in person, however, we did research them to find as much information about them as possible. Always do your own research when buying a puppy!

ThePetFaq Team