Publishing Standards

Here at we strife to produce content that is not only informative, but also fun to read. However, the most important aspect of our content is accuracy and precision. On the internet, anyone can post whatever they want, which makes it hard to know what you can and cannot trust.

When it comes to pets accurate, factual, and truthful information is very important. After all, our pets are part of our family. When giving advice about these matters, it’s important that the advice you read is correct because incorrect advice can have bad consequences.

To make sure that we only give accurate and factual advice, no content is published before going through a thorough review and inspection. We check if the information we convey is backed up by sources with authority on the subject and try to link back to as many credible sources as possible wherever we can.

However, while we make content that is helpful and factual, we do not give veterinary advice. If you suspect your pet of having a health problem or are simply unsure about something it’s always best to contact your veterinarian. Every animal is unique and your veterinarian is in the best position to give tailor-made advice that applies specifically to your situation. To learn more, read our disclaimer.