Welcome to ThePetFAQ.com! I created this website with one very big goal in mind: making it the ultimate resource for people who have questions about their pets. The FAQ in the name ThePetFAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, which is what I aim to answer.

Many people have questions about their pets, and the answer can sometimes be hard to find. The goal of this website is to remedy that. I want this to become a place where pet owners across the world can go to for accurate, easy to process answers to their most pressing questions.

What kind of pets will be covered?

Any pet that people have questions about! It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, cat, hamster, mouse, rat or snake. I’m willing to do research on any question so that I can give you a proper, accurate answer.

What topics will be covered?

A big topic that will be covered in detail is pet food, especially what your pet can and can’t eat. It’s very tempting to start feeding your pet new foods, but before you do you should always make sure that it doesn’t contain anything that’s harmful for them. It’s very fun to share your favorite foods with your pets, but this fun should be had responsibly. After all, your pet depends on you to take proper care of it and part of that is giving it food with proper nutrition.

I will also cover pet behaviors. For instance, you might be wondering why sugar gliders bark or whether hamsters can swim. All of these questions will be answered as well.