Male vs Female Praying Mantis: The Differences Explained

Mantids are some of the most beautiful and exotic insects in the world. Their unique shape allows them to be some of the most fierce fighters in the animal world. With an amazing sight, fast reflexes, and razor-like front legs, they’re often able to catch prey and defeat predators several times their size. Besides being … Read more

Can a Praying Mantis Fly? Everything You Need to Know!

The praying mantis is a beautiful insect that left a trail in our culture. From children’s movies to historical references, the praying mantis has an important place in our world thanks to its unique traits and amazing tools. It has the eyes, reflexes, and razor-like front legs to battle larger predators and come out ahead, … Read more

Giant Rainforest Mantis (Hierodula majuscula): Care & Info

The Giant Rainforest Mantis (Hierodula majuscula) is a beautiful mantis with a classical appearance in a big package. It’s famous for being one of the biggest mantids in Australia, and it’s also a fantastic pet for hobbyists. If you’re thinking about getting the Giant Rainforest Mantis as a pet, or if you simply want to … Read more

Indian Flower Mantis: Care, Info, Facts & Pictures

The Indian Flower Mantis (Creobroter pictipennis) is a beautiful tiny mantis that makes for a fantastic pet. It’s famous in the insect-keeping hobby for having a unique appearance that gets showcased every time it takes a threat posture. If you’re interested in getting the beautiful and fun Indian Flower Mantis for your collection, here’s everything … Read more

Budwing Mantis: Care Sheet, Pictures, Facts & Info

The Budwing Mantis (Parasphendale affinis) is a beautiful and popular mantis species native to East Africa. It’s famous for its voracious appetite and aggressive behavior; it’s also known for the tiny bud-shaped wings in adult females which give them a very distinct and recognizable appearance. If you’re thinking about adding the fantastic Budwing Mantis to … Read more

Dead Leaf Mantis: Care Sheet, Pictures & Facts

The Dead Leaf Mantis is an amazing mantid species found in Southeast Asia whose appearance mimics that of a dead leaf. It’s a popular pet in the exotic-pet hobby thanks to its stunning colorful patterns and how easy it is to care for. In addition, these insects (especially females) have a relatively long lifespan, making … Read more

European Mantis (Mantis religiosa): Care, Info, Facts & Pictures

The European Mantis (Mantis religiosa) is a large mantid native to Europe. They’re known for their green color (though they can also be brown), fierce temperament, and relatively easy care. As a result of these traits, the European Mantis has become quite popular as a pet. If you’re considering getting one of these beautiful insects … Read more

Devil’s Flower Mantis: Care, Info & Facts (With Pictures)

The Devil’s Flower Mantis (Idolomantis diabolica) is a beautiful mantis species native to Africa. This species is famed for its large size, beautiful colors, and unique appearance, all of which make them highly desired among insect collectors. However, while this species is definitely beautiful, its stunning appearance does come with a price tag. They’re among … Read more