Are British Shorthairs Big Cats? Discover Their Size and Characteristics

British Shorthairs are medium to large-sized cats that are known for their muscular build and sturdy frame. While they are not considered to be “big cats,” they are larger than some other popular cat breeds such as Siamese and Persians.

On average, male British Shorthairs can weigh between 9-18 pounds, while females weigh between 7-12 pounds. However, there are some variations in size depending on factors such as genetics, diet, and exercise.

Comparison with Other Cat Breeds

When compared with other cat breeds, British Shorthairs are not the largest. Maine Coons and Savannahs are known for their larger size, with some Maine Coons weighing up to 25 pounds. However, British Shorthairs are still considered to be a medium to large-sized breed, with a muscular and sturdy build.

Physical Characteristics

Coat Type and Color

One of the most distinctive features of British Shorthairs is their plush, dense coats. Their coats come in a variety of colors, including blue, black, white, cream, and red. They have short, smooth fur that requires minimal grooming compared to some other breeds.

Facial Features

British Shorthairs are known for their round faces and big, expressive eyes. Their faces are also adorned with chubby cheeks, giving them a cute and endearing appearance.

Body Structure

British Shorthairs have a muscular, stocky build that gives them a powerful appearance. They have broad chests and short, strong legs that make them excellent climbers and jumpers.

Personality Traits of British Shorthairs

Playful Nature

British Shorthairs are known for their playful and active personalities. They love toys and games, and enjoy spending time with their owners. They are also independent, so they can entertain themselves if their owners are busy.

Intelligence and Trainability

British Shorthairs are highly intelligent cats that are easy to train. They can learn new tricks and commands quickly, making them a great choice for families with children or other pets.

Lap Cat or Independent?

While they are independent cats, British Shorthairs also enjoy cuddling and spending time with their owners. They are affectionate and love to be petted, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a lap cat.

Caring for British Shorthairs

Dietary Requirements

British Shorthairs require a well-balanced diet to maintain their muscular build and overall health. They should be fed high-quality cat food that is rich in protein and vitamins.

Grooming Needs

British Shorthairs have short, smooth fur that requires minimal grooming. However, they should still be brushed regularly to remove loose hair and prevent matting.

Exercise and Playtime

British Shorthairs are active cats that require regular exercise and playtime. They enjoy toys and games and benefit from having access to a scratching post or climbing tree.

Health Concerns

Like all cat breeds, British Shorthairs are susceptible to certain health conditions. These can include heart disease, kidney disease, and dental problems. Regular veterinary checkups and proper care can help prevent these issues.


In conclusion, while British Shorthairs are not considered to be “big cats,” they are still a medium to large-sized breed with a powerful build and distinctive appearance. They are known for their playful, affectionate personalities and make great companions for families and individuals alike. By providing proper care and attention, British Shorthairs can live long, healthy lives and bring joy to their owners for years to come.

ThePetFaq Team