Black Persian Cat: What’s So Special About Them?

The black Persian cat is a beautiful, mysterious, and very interesting-looking animal. The Persian is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for their long hair, which is a result of a natural mutation, that comes in a wide range of colors. The color of the coat can be anything from black to red or even blue! Their coats come with an amazing amount of softness and they have thick fur on top of it all.

black persian cat

Today, we’re focusing particularly on the black Persian cat. We will discuss whether Persians can even have this color, we’ll also go over the personality traits, whether they are rare, and everything else you need to know about the beautiful black Persian Cat.

History of the black persian cat

The Persian cat has a long history. They’re one of the oldest cat breeds in the world and originated in modern-day Iran, which used to be Persia, hence the name. From there, they were brought to Europe by an Italian nobleman in the 17th century. They were the first long-haired cat breed to have been introduced in the western world and in 1871, the first Persian cat appeared in a cat show as a distinct breed.

Black Persian cats are very well-known for their unique, flat-nosed, peke-face, which is caused by a genetic mutation. Interestingly enough, Persian cats didn’t always have this genetic mutation, it was only once the breed was brought to the west and was bred intensively that this mutation occurred and was then selected for, resulting in a new Persian breed standard.

Can Persian cats actually be black?

Yes, black Persian cats exist. However, while there definitely are black Persian cats to be found, they are relatively rare. There are several reasons for this. First of all, black cats have a long history of bringing bad luck, which historically has lowered their popularity.

Furthermore, according to Chewy: “The ideal black—with a dense, coal-black coat, sound (the same color with no variation) from the roots to the tip of the hair—is almost impossible to achieve.”

The reason why the ideal black Persian cat is almost impossible to achieve is that it requires the coat to be free from any rusty tint at the tip of the hairs. In addition, there also shouldn’t be a smoke undercoat. This does not occur very often. In fact, it occurs so infrequently that judges in cat shows often suspect a solid black Persian to have been treated with hair dye!

To make them even rarer, an officially recognized black Persian cat must have brilliant copper-colored eyes.

Nevertheless, while solid-black Persians are rare, they definitely do exist.

What makes a Persian cat black?

Now that you know that Persian cats can indeed be black you might be curious how exactly this occurs. I mean, what decides whether a Persian will be black, white, blue, or any other color?

The answer to the question is genetics. Cats, even those of the same breed, all carry their own individual genetics. These genetics are responsible for things like eye color, length, pattern, and of course, the color of their fur. In order for a Persian to have a solid black coat, they need to have two parents that carry the black color gene. Furthermore, the Persian itself needs to carry the recessive non-agouti gene to suppress the dominant tabby pattern.

Interestingly enough, before the Persian cat was introduced in Europe, they all had gray-colored fur. It was only because of selective breeding that the black Persian cat and all the other colors we have today were born.

Appearance of Black Persian Cats

Black Persian cats have the same body type as other Persian cats, the only difference is the color of their fur. They’re a medium-size breed, standing at 10 to 15 inches tall and weighing between 7 to 12 pounds.

They have a dense coat with long hair that comes in a wide range of different colors. This luxurious coat is one of the reasons why this breed has become so popular – it’s very soft to the touch and many people fall in love when they first see their silky hair.

In addition, the Persian has a rounded head adorned with small, small, rounded ears and large eyes. They also often have a flat and pushed-in-looking face and chubby cheeks, giving them an adorable appearance.

Black Persian Cat types

There are several different kinds of black Persian cats that are recognized. Here’s a handy chart with the different kinds of Black Persian Cats that are recognized by the CFA along with a short description of what they look like:

Solid BlackCompletely black coat; no hints of other colors
Black SmokeSolid black at the top, white at the roots giving a smoke-like appearance
Black-whiteA mixture of black and white coloration
Black smoke-whiteA mixture of black smoke and white colorations
example of a smoke-black Persian cat. image credit:

This chart might come in handy because finding a solid black Persian cat for sale can be difficult or even impossible. Choosing one of the colors from this chart might make it easier to find a black Persian cat for sale.

Other Persian cat colors

Persian cats come in a wide range of colors. The base colors that are recognized by the CFA are white, black, lilac, red, blue, cream, and chocolate. However, there are many other secondary colors that are recognized as well such as calico, silver, chinchilla, golden, blue smoke, and many others. There is a huge variation between the different Persian cat colors, so there’s something for everyone.

Do black persian cats make good pets?

image credit: onlyoreocat

Black Persian cats are good pets for certain people, but not great for others. If you’re looking for a beautiful, affectionate, calm, and interesting-looking cat, then the black Persian might be a good fit for you. However, you should know that Persian cats are relatively high maintenance because of their long hair. They will need daily grooming and weekly bathing. If that’s not something you’re up for, it might be best to choose a lower-maintenance breed. They’re also more prone to certain problems because of their flat face.

Persians tend to be lap cats that have a lot of affection to give to their owners. They do very well in serene homes where little changes from day to day and where they can spend the majority of their time lounging around. They highly prefer life as an indoor cat, so if you’re looking for an outdoor cat it’s best to go with a different breed.

How much does a black Persian cat cost?

Black Persian cat & kitten. image credit: adorable_bimba

Buying a black Persian kitten is not cheap. On average, a Persian kitten costs around $1500 to $3000. However, if you’re looking specifically for a black Persian kitten the price can be even higher. The reason for this is that solid black Persian cats are very rare, thus fetching a higher price.

The price does vary from region to region. In some regions there are more Persian cat breeders available, thus driving the price down while in others they’re more scarce, meaning that they’ll be more expensive.

A good way to find a reputable breeder is by using the CFA’s website. On there, they have a breeder finder which allows prospective cat owners to search for breeders that breed the cat they’re after. All the breeders that are listed on their website are registered with the CFA and should be quite reputable. However, always make sure to do your research and check the testimonials of a breeder before buying.

Adoption is of course also an option. However, if you’re after a black Persian cat it might be difficult, if not impossible, to find one at a shelter that’s available for adoption. Nevertheless, it’s always worth it to take a look around.

Black Persian cat facts

In some cultures black Persians bring good luck

In Western culture, black cats are often associated with bad luck. In other cultures, such as Japan, it’s the opposite. In addition, in old-sailor tales, black cats were associated with good fortune on long journeys.

A black Persian’s coat can “rust”

If your Persian cat has a tabby stripe gene and enjoys spending a lot of its time chilling in the sun its fur can change color. Instead of a solid black, it will turn to a more rusty brown color. This is caused by the sun’s rays breaking down the pigment in their coat, underlying the once invisible tabby stripes.

Black Persian Cats are more resistant to disease

Studies done by researchers from the National Institutes of Health have discovered that the genes that are responsible for a cat’s black coat also offer protection against certain ailments.

Black Persian Cat videos

I’ve shared plenty of black Persian Cat Photos, but pictures don’t tell the whole story. To get a proper idea of what exactly these magnificent felines really look like, take a look at this fluffy video:

Or if you’re more interested in what the small, kitten version looks like, here you go:

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