Can Geckos Be Kept as Pets? A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Tokay Geckos

One of the most striking features of the Tokay Gecko is its appearance. As mentioned, they have bright blue-grey skin with orange spots and a distinctive eye shape. Their skin is also covered in small bumps, which gives them a rough texture. Tokay Geckos have four toes on each foot, and each toe has a small claw that helps them climb trees. Their tails are also unique, as they are thick and muscular, and can be used to grip onto branches and other objects.


Tokay Geckos are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. During the day, they will typically find a hiding spot and sleep. When they are awake, they are generally solitary creatures and prefer to be left alone. While they are not aggressive, they can be territorial, particularly during mating season. Male Tokay Geckos will often fight with each other over females, and sometimes females will also become aggressive toward males.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Tokay Gecko

Like any pet, there are both pros and cons to owning a Tokay Gecko. Here are some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages to consider before bringing one home:


– Tokay Geckos are low-maintenance pets and require minimal attention.
– They don’t require a lot of space and can be kept in a relatively small enclosure.
– They are fascinating to observe, and their unique appearance and call make them a conversation starter.
– Tokay Geckos are generally healthy animals and don’t require routine vet visits.


– While Tokay Geckos are low-maintenance, they still require a consistent level of care and attention to maintain their health and wellbeing.
– They can be noisy and may disrupt sleep if kept in a bedroom or other quiet area.
– Tokay Geckos are not particularly social animals and are not suitable for those looking for a pet to interact with regularly.
– They can be difficult to handle, particularly if they are not used to being held.

Habitat Setup

The key to keeping a Tokay Gecko healthy and happy is providing them with a suitable habitat. Here’s what you need to know about setting up a Tokay Gecko enclosure:

Enclosure Size

While Tokay Geckos are not large animals, they still require a certain amount of space to move around comfortably. At a minimum, their enclosure should be at least 20 gallons in size, though larger is always better. Remember, Tokay Geckos are arboreal animals, so their enclosure should be taller than it is wide.


The substrate, or flooring, of your Tokay Gecko’s enclosure is also important. Avoid using loose or fine substrates, as they can be ingested and cause impaction. Instead, opt for something like reptile carpet or paper towels. You can also use coconut coir or other natural substrates, but be sure to avoid anything that contains sharp or hard pieces that could injure your gecko.

Temperature and Humidity

Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels in your gecko’s enclosure is essential to their health. The temperature should be kept between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and can drop to 70-75 degrees at night. Use a heat lamp or under-tank heater to maintain the temperature, and be sure to monitor it with a thermometer.

The humidity level should be between 50-70%. You can achieve this by misting the enclosure with a spray bottle or using a humidifier. Be sure to monitor the humidity level with a hygrometer.


While Tokay Geckos are nocturnal and don’t require UVB lighting like other reptiles, they still need a light source for their day/night cycle. A simple LED or fluorescent light can provide enough light for their needs. However, be sure to avoid any lights that emit heat, as Tokay Geckos don’t tolerate high temperatures well.


Finally, it’s essential to provide your Tokay Gecko with plenty of hiding spots and climbing opportunities in their enclosure. You can use branches, vines, and other decorations to create an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Just be sure that any decorations are securely attached and won’t fall onto your gecko.

Feeding and Nutrition

Feeding your Tokay Gecko a balanced and varied diet is crucial to their health. Here’s what you need to know about feeding and nutrition:


In the wild, Tokay Geckos primarily feed on insects and other small invertebrates. In captivity, you can feed your gecko a variety of insects, including crickets, mealworms, and waxworms. You can also offer them small amounts of fruit as a treat, but it should not make up a significant portion of their diet.

Feeding Schedule

Adult Tokay Geckos should be fed every 2-3 days, while juveniles should be fed more frequently. Be sure to remove any uneaten food after 24 hours to prevent it from spoiling and attracting pests.

Handling and Care

While Tokay Geckos are not particularly social animals and don’t enjoy being handled, there are still some things you can do to care for them properly:

Handling Tips

If you need to handle your Tokay Gecko for any reason, be sure to do so gently and slowly. Never grab them by the tail, as it can break off and cause injury. Instead, support their body with one hand and allow them to crawl onto your other hand.

Common Health Issues

Tokay Geckos are generally healthy animals, but they are susceptible to certain health issues. Some of the most common issues include:

– Parasites: Tokay Geckos can develop internal and external parasites, which can cause a range of symptoms, including lethargy, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.
– Metabolic Bone Disease: This condition occurs when a gecko’s calcium and vitamin D levels are imbalanced, which can lead to weak bones and other health problems.
– Respiratory Infections: Tokay Geckos can develop respiratory infections if their enclosure is too cold or damp.


Tokay Geckos don’t require grooming in the traditional sense, but you should still keep their enclosure clean and free of waste and uneaten food. You can also provide a shallow dish of water for them to soak in, which can help keep their skin healthy and hydrated.


If you’re looking for a unique and low-maintenance pet, a Tokay Gecko might be the perfect choice for you. These fascinating creatures are beautiful to look at and easy to care for, as long as you provide them with a suitable habitat and a balanced diet. While they may not be the most social animals, they can still provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment for their owners. With a little bit of knowledge and effort, you can give your Tokay Gecko a happy and healthy life.

ThePetFaq Team