Canadian Golden Retriever: 7 Fast Facts & Photos

Golden retrievers are some of the most popular dogs in the world. Taking the rank #3 in America and #6 in the whole world, this beautiful dog is present in 63 million American homes. And how could they not be popular? It’s impossible to look at a Golden’s funny smile and not feel warm in your heart. They’re playful, reliable, and gorgeous dogs that make great family pets.

Yes, we know that everyone knows how a golden retriever looks and behaves. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a funny story involving one of these good boys. However, did you know that there are three main types of golden retrievers? Today we’ll talk about five fun facts regarding one of these three subtypes, the Canadian Golden Retriever.

Height23 to 24 inches (males larger than females)
Weight55 to 75 pounds
Lifespan12 to 13 years
TemperamentFriendly, reliable, trustworthy
Price$500 to $3000

7 Facts about Canadian Golden Retrievers

1. He’s Just a Darker Good Boy

The Canadian Golden Retriever is known to be the darker breed. If the American Golden Retriever is completely golden, and the British Golden Retriever has a lighter creamy coloration, the Canadian has a tanner brownish-gold color all over his body.

In other words, if GRs were honey cookies, the Canadian Golden Retriever may have spent slightly too long in the oven. Thousands of people worldwide prefer this color, especially in Canada.

Even though most Canadian Golden Retrievers have a darker tone, that’s not always the case.

In some instances, you’ll see a breed member with lighter tones in its hair.

This phenomenon is so well-known that the Canadian Kennel Club describes Canadian Golden Retrievers as coming in “any of the lustrous shades of gold.”

The American Kennel Club is more specific about the particular tone of retrievers, so the CGR is certainly the most flexible regarding color.

2. They’re actually from the Old World

Looking at their name, you’d think that Canadian Golden Retrievers came from Canada. However, this subtype, just like the other subtypes of GR, actually came from Scotland.

According to history, we owe this beautiful dog breed to Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, who bred a yellow retriever named “Nous” with “Belle,” a member of the now-extinct race Tweed Water Spaniel.

The result was so beautiful, loyal, and good for work (mostly hunting) that it became popular and started spreading soon.

Sir Marjoribanks came to be known as Lord Tweedmouth, and dog lovers will appreciate his contributions all around the world.

As for Canada, the year was 1883 when Lord Tweedmouth’s son, Archie Marjoribanks, brought the Golden Retrievers to the Great White North.

It is believed that most Canadian Golden Retrievers come from “Lady,” part of Archie’s pack that started the breed in Canada.

The subtype was officially recognized in 1927 by the Canadian Kennel Club, describing its appearance thoroughly and thus setting the traits that breeders would select for to this day.

3. They have an elegant appearance

Canadian Golden Retrievers are slightly taller and leaner than the American and British subtypes. This slimmer look makes them look more elegant and distinguished.

Their fur is also shorter, which adds to the appearance that they’ve descended from a long royal lineage everywhere they go.

Less hair around the neck, at their tails, and at the back of their forelegs gives them a cleaner, less-shaggy look; they are genuinely a dog fit for royalty.

4. It’s a High-Maintenance Dog

Large dog owners know the struggle of fighting against fur. Canadian Golden Retrievers may not be as hairy as the other two subtypes, but this doesn’t save them from being big shedders.

They have an inner fur layer covered by an outer waterproof layer that protects them from cold weather.

Therefore, if you don’t want fur all over your furniture and clothing, you’ll need to groom and brush their hair almost every day.

You’ll also want to bathe them regularly. Their thick furs have a tendency to keep germs, which means they’ll start to smell in a few days if you don’t wash them.

They can also harness parasites and other agents that could give them diseases. Therefore, bathing them is not just a matter of smell; it’s also about their health.

And speaking about health, your Canadian Golden Retriever is prone to suffering from several health issues. This is sadly a common phenomenon among all purebred dogs.

In the case of CGRs, they’re susceptible to obesity, hip dysplasia, and luxating their patellas. These conditions are less likely if they’re healthy. Since they’re very active dogs, they’ll be in much better shape if they exercise every day and eat well, so their bones get strong.

Sadly, Canadian Golden Retrievers are also prone to Von Willebrand Disease. You’ll want to take them to get checked regularly and be careful with them when they bleed.

5. Canadian Golden Retrievers are loving, loyal, with a trusting heart

Good family dogs are always very loving and loyal. That’s just the way dogs are; some may be protective, some may be somewhat nervous, and others will instead be lazy and peaceful.

However, there’s not one good dog that isn’t loyal to his family; it’s in their nature. Nonetheless, the Canadian Golden Retriever is considered at the top when it comes to affection and loyalty.

They’re playful and eager to meet with their family, other dogs, and even strangers. They’re excellent around kids, and the love is almost always mutual.

The one drawback is that your Canadian Golden Retriever won’t always be your guard dog.

They’re so loving and trusting that their first instinct will primarily be to greet strangers and try to play with them.

In any case, they’re still big and muscular dogs under their golden fur. If you’re ever in real danger and your dog senses something’s odd, it’ll run at you to provide help with complete certainty.

6. They are great swimmers

All golden retrievers feel right at home in the water due to their relatively waterproof coat. They have a double coat which helps insulate the dog against the cold and moisture of the water.

However, the Canadian’s shorter coat makes it more adept at swimming and also makes it easier to dry once it’s out of the water.

7. Their care is identical to that of other Golden Retrievers

The distinction between the 3 Golden Retriever subtypes is mostly in appearance. As a result, their care is almost identical.

They need the same amount of exercise, are just as rambunctious, and are at risk for the same health problems.

This is great news for people who’ve had Goldens before but simply want some variation. You already know how to care for them, but now you can simply add some spice to your next Golden!

Final words

Canadian Golden Retrievers are a great fit for almost every family. They’re charming dogs that will give you happy times throughout their lives. They’re almost identical to their American counterparts, they’re simply leaner, taller, darker, and have a shorter coat!

Your kids will love them, and you’ll know for certain they’re safe around them, which is always a strong point in favor of any pet.

However, they’re not fit for lazy owners since they need lots of exercise and grooming to stay healthy. If you’re up to the challenge and fell in love with their golden mane and playful expression, you should get one of these good boys. You won’t regret it!

ThePetFaq Team