10 Cat Breeds With Incredibly Long Legs [With Pictures!]

Cats come in many different sizes, shapes, and lengths. Did you know that the International Cat Association recognizes seventy-one different breeds? Plenty to choose from for any prospective cat owner! With so many breeds to choose from, you might be wondering which cat breeds are known for their long legs.

Previously, we’ve taken a look at cats with short legs, but today we’re going in the opposite direction and take a closer look at the top 10 cats with very long legs.

Savannah Cat

picture of a savannah cat
Look at those long legs!

Savannah cats are a spotted cat breed that first came to be in the 1980s. The story of how this cat breed came to life is quite interesting – a domestic cat crossed with a medium-sized African wild cat and gave birth to a kitten in April 1986. The kitten was given the name “Savannah”, which is where the name of the breed comes from.

The Savannah Cat is a medium-sized breed, but it does have very long legs. In fact, while this cat is often described as being medium-sized, it has held the record for the world’s tallest domestic cat since 2006, all thanks to its incredibly long legs, so it definitely deserves a spot on this list. The name of the Savannah cat that currently holds the record for the largest domestic cat is Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, a 2-year-old Savannah Cat from Michigan.

If you’re considering adopting a Savannah cat into your home, make sure that you know what you’re in for. These cats have beautiful long legs, and they definitely like to use them. They’re not lap cats by any means and love to spend time playing, running, and exercising. That being said, they’re a very exciting pet to have and if you can keep up with them, they can be a great fit.

Serval Cat

wild serval cat stretching its legs

Even though it’s not a domestic cat, and it’s not recommended to keep this wild animal in captivity, some people do keep the Serval cat as an exotic pet. The serval has to be mentioned in this list because it has the longest legs of any cat relative to the size of its body. This wild cat lives in sub-Saharan countries and was first described in 1776. Thanks to its long legs, this cat can jump up to almost 7 feet in the air!


abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian is not the biggest cat out there, many other breeds such as the Maine coon are much bigger, but relative to its size, the Abyssinian has very long and slender legs.  They grow to a size of up to 16 inches and weigh about 8 pounds. They also have quite a long tail.

Originating in Southeast Asia, the Abyssinian is a favorite of many cat fanatics not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because it’s a very playful, kid-friendly, and intelligent breed. This cat is very active and loves being the center of attention. If you choose an Abyssinian as your next companion you’ll never have a dull moment. They’re also relatively easy to groom because they’re a short-haired breed.


picture of a chausie

The Chausie is yet another cat breed that has long legs. This breed inherited its long legs from the aforementioned Abyssinian since it’s a cross of this breed and wild jungle cat breeds. It was first developed in the 1990s in the United States.

It’s an energetic, outgoing, and playful breed that needs a lot of space and playtime. However, while the Abyssinian is a very kid-friendly breed, the Chausie is not so. Due to its admixture of wild jungle cats, they retain some of their wild traits and are therefore not an ideal breed if you have kids.

On the other hand, they often get along quite well with other pets, especially dogs.

This breed can often be found in shelters, so if this is a breed that appeals to you (be it for its long legs or some other reason) then make sure to check out a local shelter to see if they have one of these beautiful animals available.

Oriental Shorthair


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Ever heard of “Leggy Teddy”? Leggy Teddy is an Oriental Shorthair with extremely long legs. This cat became famous on Instagram after its owner posted a video highlighting Teddy’s extremely long limbs. Now, not every Oriental Shorthair is as blessed in the leg department as Teddy, but generally speaking, Oriental Shorthairs do have long legs relative to the size of their body.


serengeti cat

The Serengeti is a breed that was first developed by crossing a Bengal and an Oriental shorthair. This breed is still under development but the ultimate goal is to create a cat that is similar in appearance to the wild Serval that I’ve mentioned earlier without using any wild cats in the breeding process. Since breeders are trying to create a breed that resembles the Serval (which has the longest legs relative to their body of any cat) it makes sense that the Serengeti has long legs as well.

The Serengeti is very active and agile. It loves to spend time climbing, running, and playing around. They’re also very loving and commonly follow their owner around. One thing to note is that these cats are very vocal and will meow frequently. If you’re looking for a quiet cat, this might not be the one for you, but if you’re looking for a chatty cat that has a lot of energy, loves to play, and lives the fast life then the Serengeti is a good choice!

Egyptian Mau Cat

picture of an egyptian mau cat showing off its long legs

The Egyptian Mau has long hind legs. Their rear legs are longer than their front legs and because of this, and a special flap of skin on their flank and back knee, they can run extremely fast. In fact, they’re the fastest domestic cat breed on earth and can reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour!

This long-legged breed is highly affectionate, playful, and energetic. It’s an old breed stemming all the way back to ancient Egypt where it was used for duck hunting. They’re quite a temperature-sensitive breed and do not do well in cold weather. They prefer warm climates.

Another interesting thing about this breed is that they’re one of the few naturally spotted domestic cat breeds. It’s also a pretty rare breed – not many kittens are registered every year.

Bengal Cat

The Bengal is one the largest cat breeds in the world, and of course, large cats, have long legs! The Bengal’s legs are not the longest relative to the size of its body, but in absolute numbers, their legs are still very long.

Bengal cats were created by breeding the Egyptian Mau with the wild Asian Leopard Cat. The aim of this unusual crossbreed was to create a domestic cat that has a wild appearance. Judging by the Bengal cat’s spots and stripes, they definitely succeeded!

Bengal cats are very active. They need to be able to run, jump and play around a lot in order to stay happy. However, they’re also very affectionate and loving. They form strong bonds with their owners and are a loyal friend their entire life.

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a medium-sized cat that hails from what is now known as Turkey, although the breed is much older than the country itself. The Van pattern is named after this breed, which means that they’re only colored on their tail and head, the rest of the body is white.

They have long, muscular legs. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs, allowing them to run quite fast.

Also interesting about this breed is that they’re neither long nor short-haired, they’re both! In the winter they’re longhaired to protect from the cold while in the summer they’re short-haired to prevent them from getting too hot.

They’re a very social and smart breed that needs quite a bit of mental stimulation and affection in order to thrive. They can be taught tricks easily and love spending as much time with their humans as possible. Also, be wary, these cats love water! Don’t be surprised if they jump in the shower with you!

Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau is an ancient breed. They’re desert cats native to the Arabian Peninsula. These cats are a natural breed, meaning that they were not created by breeders. Female Arabian Maus are medium-sized, but males can actually be quite large. They’re characterized by their long legs with oval paws, a medium-length tail that tapers towards the tip, and a round head adorned with oval-shaped eyes and large, well-set ears.

The Arabian Mau’s personality is often described as very loving and affectionate. They’re a reliable companion that gets along very well with children and other animals. However, they’re also quite vocal and are not afraid of letting their high-pitched meow be heard if they want something from you.

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