Cats With Round Ears – Do They Actually Exist? [With Pictures]

When you think of a cat, you usually imagine a feline with pointy ears. For many people, pointy ears are one of the defining characteristics of a cat. However, recently there have been photos going around of cats with round ears. These ears kind of resemble that of a mouse. Unfortunately, with today’s technology, pictures can easily be faked so you’re never quite sure if what you see on a picture is real or not. So, the question is, are these photos of cats with round ears real, or are they edited in some way?

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at cats with round ears to discover whether or not they’re actually real, and if so, what breed of cat has these peculiar-looking ears.

The spread of the round-ear cat rumor

As early as 2017, photos started circulating on the internet of cats with remarkable ears. These photographs most likely originated in Japan. These ears looked nothing like the ears of regular cats – they lacked the traditional pointy, triangular shape that cat ears normally have. Instead, they were very round and looked very much like the ears of a mouse.

As with many things on the internet, these photos spread around the internet quickly, and before long, there were many people who were convinced that these round-eared cats were real. But is that really the case?

Are cats with round ears real?

Unfortunately, the pictures that you might’ve seen on the internet of cats with round ears are not real. They were created with a Japanese app called “Cymera“, which is a photo-editing application that’s very popular in Japan. If you take a closer look at the ears in the picture above, you can see that the ears in the picture look quite fake and liquified.

This app has a setting that allows you to change the ears of your cat into mouse ears. If you’re interested in doing this yourself, you can download the app, go to the “edit” menu, select a picture of your cat, and select the “liquify” function in the “beauty” menu. This then allows you to edit your cat ears to make them round.

I can imagine that if you liked the appearance of these cats with round ears you’re a little bit disappointed that the pictures you saw were not real. There are no known cat breeds that have ears like the ones you see in the pictures above. Nevertheless, there is a cat breed that does (sort of) have round ears: The American Curl. Keep reading to learn more about this interesting cat breed.

The American Curl Cat

american curl with round ears
As you can see, the American curl’s ears are quite round, very different from the triangular ears of most other cat breeds!

The American Curl is a cat breed that originated in Lakewood, California as a result of a spontaneous mutation. This mutation resulted in very peculiar-looking ears. Unlike the ears of most cat breeds, which are pointy and triangular in shape, the American Curl has ears that are curled, which gives their ears a rounded appearance. Interestingly enough, American Curls are not born with these rounded ears. They’re born with straight ears that start curling within 48 hours. The curling process lasts for up to 4 months, after which their ears do not curl anymore and their rounded-ear look is complete.

American curls are strong, friendly cats that enjoy spending a lot of time with their owner. They do not require a whole lot of grooming and are a great addition to any family due to how well they get along with kids and other pets.


The pictures of cats with round ears that you might’ve seen circulating on the internet are most likely fake, but there is one cat breed, the American Curl, that has ears that are sort of round. They are not as round as the fake pictures you might’ve seen floating around, but if you’re looking for a cat breed with round ears, this is your best bet.

ThePetFaq Team