Corgi Puppies for Sale in Michigan: Top 6 Breeders (2022)

If you’re looking for a Corgi breeder in Michigan that has puppies for sale, you’re in the right place. To make it easier for you to find a good breeder, we’ve created an overview of the best breeders in Michigan.

The Corgi is a well-loved breed and a favorite of the British royal family! It’s no wonder these small good boys have captured hearts around the world. With adorable ears, fluffy coats, and of course their characteristic short legs, what’s not to love? It’s not surprising that these majestic dogs have quickly risen through the ranks and are now among the most popular breeds in the United States.

Due to their popularity, many people want a Corgi puppy and they are in high demand. This can make it very difficult to find a good breeder for people who want to add a Corgi puppy to their home. If you live in or around Michigan, we’ve gathered a list of excellent breeders that you should take into consideration.

These breeders have good reputations and ensure their puppies have good temperaments and are in good health. Read on to find the perfect breeder to help you on your journey of welcoming a Corgi into your home! 

6 Corgi Puppy Breeders in Michigan

1. Corgis in a Blanket 

NameCorgis in a Blanket
LocationKalamazoo, MI 
Phone number(616) 443-8968
Email[email protected]

Corgis in a Blanket is a family-run breeder located in Kalamazoo, which is south of Grand Rapids and Lansing.

This husband and wife duo has been raising Pembroke Corgis since 2007 and they absolutely adore their dogs. They have rave reviews and a great website that answers all of your questions before contacting them to fill out an application! 

Each pup comes with a health guarantee, microchip, AKC registration, lifetime support, and litter visits. This is a wonderful breeder to provide all of this for a pup, plus they love to hear about your puppy as you enjoy life with your new companion! 

This breeder has an average rating of 5 stars on Google maps, though they do only have 3 reviews in total.

2. Monte Cristo Pembroke Welsh Corgis 

NameMonte Cristo Pembroke Welsh Corgis
LocationCarson City, MI
Phone number(989) 763-0132
Email[email protected]

Monte Cristo Pembroke Welsh Corgis make it their mission to breed healthy, even-tempered, and affectionate Corgi puppies. Each litter bred is raised on 22 acres of farmland near Carson City.

Monte Christo raises their Corgi puppies alongside their four children, helping them to become well-socialized pups. They’ve got fantastic names for their adult dogs as well! 

Bred from AKC registered champion bloodlines, each pup comes with a health guarantee, vaccinations, and AKC registration. The best part of this breeder is they welcome visitors at all times, even those just looking to learn about Corgis before purchasing a pup. 

Monte Cristo has an average rating of 4.2 stars on Google maps with a total of 43 reviews.

3. Tambali Corgis 

NameTambali Corgis 
LocationSanford, MI 
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]
Price$200 deposit / For final price contact breeder

Tambali is a breeder of Corgi puppies located in Sanford. It’s operated by Tammy, who has been breeding these adorable dogs since 1988, giving her tons of experience in her craft.

Tammy’s pride in her Corgis shows throughout her website. She is a passionate breeder who loves to discuss dogs and is committed to placing her pups in loving homes. Tambali states in their contract that all dogs unable to be kept by their owners should be returned to her, a great standard of an ethical breeder. 

Her bloodlines include several champions and Tambali provides health guarantees, vaccinations, and socializing for her pups. Interestingly, Tammy is breeding the “American Corgi”, which is a mix between the Pembroke and Cardigan. While not officially recognized yet, Tammy is passionate about this new breed. Please note that “American Corgis” are a mix and not an actual breed as of yet.

4. Hydrangea Hills Farm Corgis

NameHydrangea Hills Farm Corgis
LocationLake City, MI 
Instagram @hydrangeahills_farm 
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]

Located in beautiful Northern Michigan, Hydrangea Hills Farm has plenty of space for their Corgis to roam and play. Dayne & Mikayla take pride in their puppies and strive to breed standard Corgis that will go on to be well-behaved dogs. 

While they currently are not allowing visitors, Mikayla is consistent in her communication about your chosen pup and you’ll be able to watch as they grow from day one. They’re working on training therapy dogs and as such, temperament is their number one goal. If you’re looking for a sound Corgi with a great temperament, give Hydrangea a look! 

5. Stony Creek Pembroke Welsh Corgis 

NameStony Creek Pembroke Welsh Corgis
LocationRomeo, MI
Phone number586-752-6937
Email[email protected]

Check out Stoney Creek’s FB page for live updates on their pups, available dogs, and general information about the breed. This lively couple is a small breeder focused on breeding healthy Pembroke pups. Their website also features many adorable puppies and happy families! 

Each puppy will come with a clean bill of health, shots, dewormed, and have been well socialized. They have beautiful champion bloodline sires and dams, each with their own dedicated page where you can check out their pedigrees and health test results.

Stoney Creek has a 5-star rating on Facebook with 3 total reviews.

6. Kaizen Corgis 

NameKaizen Corgis 
Phone number(734) 788-4421
Email[email protected]

While many people look for websites for breeders, social media has become a great tool for small businesses! Kaizen Corgis can be found on Facebook, where they lead a very active page with frequent updates. 

They offer limited AKC registration, meaning any offspring of your pup cannot be registered, and full registration is available for an additional fee. They’re focused on placing their pups in loving homes and will be a part of the lifelong journey of your puppy! These pups are raised on a farm and socialized from the start, leading to well-behaved pups ready for their new homes!

Kaizen has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Facebook with 22 reviews. Most people who’ve gotten a Corgi puppy here are incredibly satisfied.

Final words

Choosing the perfect Corgi breeder for you is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research and time to make an informed decision. I’d like to stress that it’s very important that you take the time to properly research the breeder you’re considering going with.

How your Corgi puppy is bred will be the foundation for the rest of its life. If it’s bred well, you’re very likely to end up with a healthy and happy pup that will grow into a confident Corgi that’ll be a lifelong, loving companion.

ThePetFaq recommends adoption from a rescue center over buying from a breeder. However, we also understand that adopting is not always possible and that there are many good reasons for choosing to buy from a breeder. Please note that we did not visit these breeders in person, however, we did research them to find as much information about them as possible. Always do your own research when buying a puppy!

ThePetFaq Team