Do Devon Rex Cats Like Water? Exploring Their Relationship with H2O

The Devon Rex breed originated in the 1960s in Devon, England, hence its name. It all began when a stray curly-haired kitten named Kirlee caught the attention of a cat lover named Beryl Cox. Intrigued by Kirlee’s unique appearance, Cox decided to breed her with a male cat, resulting in a litter of curly-coated kittens. Thus, the Devon Rex breed was born.

Physical Characteristics

One of the defining characteristics of Devon Rex cats is their curly coat, which resembles that of a poodle. Their large ears, slender bodies, and mischievous eyes give them an adorable and almost elf-like appearance. But what does this unique appearance have to do with their relationship with water?

The Myth About Cats and Water

It’s time to debunk the stereotype that all cats despise water. While it is true that some cat breeds may have a natural aversion to water, it’s important not to generalize this behavior to all feline companions. In fact, many cats are quite comfortable around water, and the Devon Rex is no exception.

Debunking the Stereotype

To understand why cats are often associated with a dislike for water, we need to look back at their wild ancestors. Wild cats, such as lions and tigers, usually reside in arid habitats and have no need to interact with large bodies of water. This aversion to water may have carried over to some domesticated cat breeds. However, it’s essential to remember that cats are individuals, and their preferences can vary.

Understanding the Devon Rex’s Unique Relationship with Water

Devon Rex cats have been known to display a surprisingly positive attitude towards water. Whether it’s drinking from a running faucet or playing with water toys, many Devon Rex cats seem to enjoy water-related activities. But what factors contribute to their affinity for H2O?

Why Do Devon Rex Cats Like Water?

The reasons behind a Devon Rex cat’s fondness for water can be attributed to a combination of genetic factors, behavioral traits, and early socialization experiences.

Genetic Factors

The genetic makeup of the Devon Rex breed is believed to play a role in their affinity for water. It’s thought that a specific gene mutation affects the structure of their fur, making it more water-resistant and less prone to matting. This unique coat adaptation may contribute to their increased comfort around water.

Behavioral Traits

Devon Rex cats are renowned for their active and playful nature. They are curious creatures who love to explore their surroundings. This adventurous spirit may lead them to investigate water sources and engage in water-related activities more readily than other cat breeds.

The Role of Early Socialization

Early socialization plays a vital role in shaping a cat’s behavior and preferences. By introducing and exposing Devon Rex kittens to water from a young age in a positive and gentle manner, they can develop a favorable association with water. This early exposure can pave the way for a lifelong enjoyment of water-related activities.

Activities Involving Water that Devon Rex Cats Enjoy

Devon Rex cats have a knack for finding enjoyment in various water-related activities. Let’s explore some of the ways they engage with water in their daily lives.

Drinking and Hydration

Unlike some cats who may be content with a still water bowl, many Devon Rex cats prefer drinking from a running faucet. The sound and movement of water seem to entice them, making it an exciting and refreshing way to stay hydrated.

Bathing and Grooming

Devon Rex cats’ curly coats require regular grooming to prevent matting. Surprisingly, many of them enjoy being bathed. The warm water and gentle massage can be a soothing experience for both the cat and their human companion.

Playing and Exercising

Water can also be a source of entertainment for Devon Rex cats. From splashing in shallow pools to chasing after floating toys, these water-loving felines certainly know how to have a good time. Just be sure to provide a safe and supervised environment for their water play sessions.

Tips for Introducing a Devon Rex Cat to Water

If you’re a proud owner of a Devon Rex cat or considering adopting one, here are some tips for introducing them to water and ensuring a positive experience.

Creating a Positive Environment

Make the bathing area a calm and inviting space. Use soft towels or rubber mats to provide a comfortable surface, and consider playing soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Gradual Introduction and Desensitization

Introduce water gradually, starting with small amounts and building up over time. Use a gentle sprayer or a cup to pour water over their body, ensuring that it’s warm and not too forceful. Patience and positive reinforcement are key during this process.

Using Proper Cat-Friendly Products

When bathing your Devon Rex, be sure to use cat-specific shampoos and grooming products. These products are designed to be gentle on their sensitive skin and won’t cause any harm or irritation.

Maintaining a Healthy Water-Related Routine

To ensure your Devon Rex cat’s well-being and enjoyment of water-related activities, it’s essential to establish a healthy routine.

Proper Hydration and Water Sources

Provide fresh water in multiple locations throughout your home, including a running faucet or a pet water fountain. This allows your cat to stay hydrated while also satisfying their curiosity for water.

Regular Grooming and Bathing

Keep up with regular grooming sessions to maintain your Devon Rex’s coat and prevent matting. Depending on their individual needs, a bath every few weeks or as recommended by your veterinarian can help keep their fur in optimal condition.


While the stereotype may suggest that cats and water are like oil and water, the Devon Rex breed challenges this assumption. With their genetic predisposition, adventurous nature, and early socialization experiences, these water-loving felines break the mold. Whether it’s drinking from a running faucet, enjoying a gentle bath, or splashing in shallow pools, Devon Rex cats embrace water with open paws. So, the next time you encounter a Devon Rex cat, don’t be surprised if they’re more than happy to join you in your water-related activities.

ThePetFaq Team