Golden Retriever Pug Mix: 7 Important Facts & Pictures

With a rise in popularity of “designer breeds”, the Golden Retriever Pug mix has become a popular choice among families. Designer breeds are simply two different purebred dogs mixed together to create a hybrid with the desired traits of both parents. 

Often referred to as “Golden Pugs’, these guys bring the characteristics loved by both breeds together. Golden Retrievers are known for their intelligence and affection for humans while Pugs are loved for their playful and loyal nature. 

Together, the Golden Retriever Pug Mix is an extremely loyal and loving companion that is well-suited for most homes. 

Golden Pug Fact Sheet

Height15-25 inches 
Weight30-50 pounds
Lifespan10-15 years 
Best suited forActive and non-active families, depending on the individual dog
TemperamentLoyal, affectionate, playful
Price$800 to $2,000 per pup

7 Golden Retriever Pug Mix Facts

1. They take from both parents

When creating a new breed, breeders are looking to create a new purebred with desirable traits from both parent lines. Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the world and it’s no wonder why!

With a loving nature, high intelligence, and a love of humans, Goldens have stolen the show as a top family dog choice. 

While small in stature, the Pug packs a lot of personality into their small bodies. Known for their extremely playful and affectionate personalities, Pugs are among the top choices for a family dog as well. 

Professional breeders decided that these two personalities mixed together would create a new breed that combines those desirable traits. To many people’s surprise, it worked and the mix has taken off in popularity!

While they still have a long way to go before being recognized as their own breed, Golden Pugs are sweet, loyal, and playful dogs. 

2. They get along great with other pets

If you’ve ever been to the local dog park or doggy daycare, you’ll find that both the Golden Retriever and Pug dogs will be leading the pack in playtime. Highly sociable and with calm demeanors, both breeds enjoy their canine companion company. 

This makes the Golden Pug a perfect family pet as they love company and get along with other animal companions. If you have pets in your home already, the Golden Pug will immediately try to become their friend. With proper socialization as a puppy and a monitored first meeting, these dogs will welcome all animal companions into their homes and enjoy your existing pets. 

Be sure to note though that not all pets are guaranteed to get along. Much like human siblings, it could be a love-hate relationship and should be approached with caution. This crossbreed is known to be friendly towards all animals but each pet is an individual with a unique temperament.

3. Golden Pugs breathe easier than normal pugs

When people see the Pug, their first thought usually is how can that poor little guy breathe? As one of the Brachycephaly breeds, meaning dogs with significantly shorter head shapes such as the French or English Bulldog, Pugs are prone to BAOS. Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS) are genetic respiratory issues due to the shorter head shape. 

Thankfully, by mixing the Golden Retriever and Pug, Golden Pugs are able to have a longer head, resulting in easier breathing and less chance of BAOS issues. A responsible breeder will have their puppies tested for possible BAOS genetic markers and try to ensure their puppies will have a longer head, to live fuller, happier lives. 

4. They shed quite a bit!

Both parent breeds have double coats, meaning they will shed year-round and do a seasonal “blow out”, aka heavy shedding. This is so the coat can replenish itself to best protect the dog. Your Golden Pug will most likely end up with a flat, short to medium coat that will require weekly grooming. 

They will shed around your home and in your car, so be prepared to take them with you everywhere even if they’re not physically with you! Shedding can always be maintained by a good grooming routine and the occasional bath. 

5. Golden Pugs are very trainable but stubborn

Considering the intelligence of both parent breeds, yes, Golden Pugs are trainable! It may come as a surprise, but Pugs are an intelligent breed but are quite stubborn. By crossing the two breeds, you’ll have an intelligent and energetic dog that could also be a bit stubborn, so prepare accordingly. 

Of course, it all depends on the individual dog. One family could end up with the most trainable dog ever while the other one may have to go to a professional. Dogs are individuals and while professional breeding can create desirable traits, no one dog is the same. That doesn’t make them any less lovable and it can be quite fun to train a stubborn dog as it’s much more rewarding when they do learn! 

6. They need proper diet and exercise to thrive

Like all pets, Golden Pugs require a proper diet and exercise. While some dog breeds are perfectly content to live a life of ease on a couch, Golden Pugs will most likely be active.

This is a desirable trait though both for their health and active families. Your four-legged friend will be able to keep up with you on long walks and enjoy getting outside for playtime. 

It is imperative that they receive a minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous activity daily and a proper diet as these dogs are prone to obesity.

This is a chronic health issue passed down from both parent breeds. Obesity in dogs leads to shorter lives, painful joint issues, and overall bad health. By being active and feeding them high-quality food, you’ll keep them in great shape. 

7. Pug Golden Retriever mix puppies can be expensive

If the Pug Golden Retriever Mix has stolen your heart and you want one of your own, be prepared to shell out quite a bit of money for them.

As a designer breed, breeders charge pretty high prices for them. The price of a puppy can easily exceed $1000.

The price for these puppies does depend on where you live, some areas have more breeders than others which affects the price.

Is a Golden Retriever Pug Mix the right dog breed for you?

If you love the looks and personalities of both the Golden Retriever and the Pug, the Golden Pug will be the perfect match. With the cute, wrinkly Pug face and the beautiful Golden Retriever coat, these guys are both adorable and affectionate. 

Highly intelligent with a touch of stubbornness, they can be a challenge to train.  But, in turn, they will provide loyalty and affection as they always want to be by your side. They’ll get along great with other animal companions and are definitely down for TV time with a side of treats. 

Welcoming a new pet into your life is always exciting and the Golden Pug will have a playful nature that will bring joy into your home. 

ThePetFaq Team