Gotti Pitbull: 10 Facts & Traits of This Bloodline (With Pictures)

Today’s many lines of Pitbulls are bred for specific behavioral traits and physical appearances. However, the one trait carried among all the different lines is their affectionate and loyal natures. Despite their history as aggressive fighting dogs, Pitbulls can actually be some of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet, as long as they’re trained properly

Each Pitbull line has unique personalities and should be thoroughly researched before bringing one into your home. With so many lines, it can be confusing to figure out which one is perfect for your family! Let’s learn about the Gotti Pitbull line and if they’re a good fit for you.

Height14-23 inches
Lifespan10-15 years 
Best suited forActive families 
TemperamentLoving, loyal, energetic 

10 Gottiline Pitbull Facts & Traits 

1. Brief history of the Pitbull 

Originating from England in the 1800s, the Pitbull quickly became popular in America due to their protective and loyal natures. There are even some famous Pitbulls that have received national recognition for their efforts during wartime! 

It wasn’t until around the 1980s that Pitbulls began to gain their reputation as fighting dogs. Dog fighting wasn’t illegal and the media popularized this fearsome-looking dog known for its strong jaws and its fight-to-the-death natures. 

When dog fighting was outlawed, people wanted to change the image of the Pitbull. So began the breeding of different bloodlines and the creation of several different types of Pitbulls. 

2. What is a Gotti Pitbull?

Perhaps one of the most famous bloodlines, Gotti Pitbulls descend from one sire, Juan Gotti. Bought in 1997 for his muscular and unique appearance, Juan Gotti was bred with different female Pitbulls to create a bloodline that was exceptionally muscular. 

Gotti’s are easily recognizable with their block-like heads with large, powerful jaws and stocky builds. More closely resembling an English Bulldog, these guys are compact and yet very agile. 

It is a source of debate, but common thought is that Juan Gotti has sired 900 registered pups directly from his line.

3. True Gotti Pitbulls will not have blue eyes 

With the rise in popularity of this bloodline, everyone is trying to sell a Gotti Pitbull. All Gotti Pitbulls should be registered through your country’s official dog clubs. Reputable breeders will have papers and the parents on sight for a meet and greet. 

The biggest giveaway if you have a true Gotti or not is their eye color. Because of Juan Gotti’s bloodline, Gottis will not have blue eyes. While blue eyes are prevalent in most Pitbull breeds, if your Gotti has blue eyes, you’ve been duped. 

4. What do they look like? 

As mentioned, Gottis have large, brick-like heads with a thick neck leading into a muscular chest. They have stocky bodies with thick legs, giving them quite the fearsome appearance! But with such large mouths, these guys give the beloved “pittie” smile, known to melt any heart. 

They can come in many different colors including blue, black, gray, and fawn. The more rare colors are white and tri-colors, which will mean a higher price tag. Be cautious though, a Gotti Pitbull cannot be merle colored. This is a sign that the line has been mixed and is not a purebred Gotti. 

5. They’re incredibly loyal 

Dogs are one of the most common household pets because of their loyalty to their owners. Many breeds are bred specifically for their loyal natures and Pitbulls are one of the most loyal breeds around. Your Gotti Pitbull will be your faithful companion and enjoy being around you at all times. 

They make great family dogs as they love children and will also be very protective of them. Show them love and proper care and these guys will remain by your side through thick and thin. 

6. Training and socialization 

It’s important to note that all dogs require training and socialization as early as possible to grow into well-behaved dogs. Your Gotti Pitbull will need to start puppy training and socialization as soon as you can. While these guys are big sweethearts, they are unaware of their strength and size. 

They can knock down children and smaller dogs on accident when playing which can lead to misconceptions on both sides, labeling your dog as aggressive. When in reality, they’re just unaware of how physically different they are from their playmates. 

Pitbulls are often seen as aggressive because their intense loyalty to you can cause them to be aggressive to others they deem a threat. This is why early socialization is imperative for a Gotti to understand there are many different animals, humans, and things in the world that they shouldn’t see as a threat.

It should be noted though that these dogs are not suitable for beginners. They need a strong leader that can show them their place in order to thrive.

7. Gottis have a high pain tolerance 

The Pitbull has one of the highest pain tolerances in the canine world. The Gotti is a hardy dog that will go however far its owner asks them. This can lead to problems where your dog may be injured but isn’t showing signs of it. Always do regular checks on your dog to search for injuries that they might be hiding.

8. They can be anxious dogs 

All dog breeds are prone to anxiety. How would you feel to be lavished with attention and then left alone for 8 hours a day? You’d probably develop some anxiety too! Pitbulls are especially prone to separation anxiety as they’re extremely loyal to their owners and wish to be around them always. 

Separation anxiety can cause your dog to develop behavioral problems, such as chewing on furniture, peeing in the house, and barking. While we all want to cuddle our pets as much as possible, teach your dog to be on its own from a young age. This will help them be more independent of you and able to handle long days without you. 

Dogs thrive on routine. By taking your Gotti for a vigorous walk before leaving or giving them a treat specifically for when you’re gone, you can provide them with stimulation to tire them out. A tired dog is less likely to be anxious and will sleep, waiting for you to come home! 

9. Gottiline Pitbulls are popular! 

With a large shift in perspective on Pitbulls, the breed and its many lines have gained popularity quickly. Instead of being the aggressive dog to avoid, they’ve become loving, household pets for families. 

They’ve gained popularity, especially in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, and Japan! Often sold as an “exclusive” or “premium” breed, Gottis are going for high prices and are becoming signs of status. 

10. They’re energetic but can be couch potatoes 

How can a bulky, muscular dog such as the Gotti be agile? As odd as it may sound, it’s quite true! These guys excel at physical activities and are a great fit for agility competitions. 

One of their favorite games to play is tug-of-war, which may take two people to hold the rope! They love their tug ropes so much, that they’ll leap in the air for hanging ones, which is also a great physical activity for them. This breed is prone to weight gain though, so be sure to exercise them and feed them a healthy diet. 

While they can keep up with you on a run or a hike, they’ll also be more than happy to snuggle up on the couch. As long as they can be close to you, they’re happy doing any activity. 

Final words: Is the Gotti Pitbull right for you?

Don’t let the Pitbull’s fearsome reputation turn you away from this incredible breed. In the hands of the right owner, the Gotti Pitbull line is extremely affectionate and loyal, perfect for those looking for a companion dog. 

Make sure that you have the time to train and socialize your pup to avoid unwanted behaviors and to exercise them daily. They’re active dogs that need physical and mental stimulation. 

Be prepared for the Pitbull stigma when out with your Gotti. As the owner of a Pitbull, it’s your responsibility to educate people on the true nature of these amazing dogs. In addition, it is your responsibility to be able to handle them. It might be true that Pitbulls are not necessarily aggressive by nature, but the fact remains that they were bred to fight. As such, they need an owner who’s a strong leader that can control them,

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ThePetFaq Team