How Many Babies Can Gerbils Have at Once? All You Need to Know!

Gerbils have a long tail, short fur, and large hind legs. They have big eyes and big ears that help them detect predators and prey. Their fur can come in different colors, such as brown, black, grey, and white. Gerbils are diurnal animals, which means that they are active during the day and sleep at night.

Types of Gerbils

There are different types of gerbils, including the Mongolian gerbil, the fat-tailed gerbil, the Libyan jird, and the Indian desert jird. The Mongolian gerbil is the most common type of gerbil kept as a pet.

Gerbil Reproduction

Gerbils reach sexual maturity at around three months of age. They have a short gestation period, and their reproductive cycle is rapid, which means that they can produce many litters in a short time.

Female Gerbil Reproduction

Female gerbils are polyestrous, which means that they can go into heat every four days. When in heat, the female gerbil can mate with a male and become pregnant. The female gerbil can carry the pregnancy for about 24 days before giving birth to a litter of babies.

Male Gerbil Reproduction

Male gerbils are sexually active throughout the year. They have a strong urge to mate and can mate with several females during the breeding season. Male gerbils can also help take care of their young.

Gestation Period of Gerbils

Duration of Gestation Period

The gestation period of gerbils lasts for about 24 days. During this period, the pregnant female gerbil will show signs of pregnancy.

Signs of Pregnancy in Gerbils

Signs of pregnancy in gerbils include weight gain, increased appetite, and nesting behavior. Pregnant gerbils will also have enlarged nipples, and their fur may become thinner around their stomach area.

How Many Babies Can Gerbils Have at Once?

Factors Affecting Litter Size

The litter size of gerbils can vary from 1 to 8 babies. Several factors can affect the litter size, including the age of the female gerbil, the health of the gerbil, and the availability of food and water. Younger and healthier gerbils tend to have larger litters.

Maximum Litter Size

The maximum litter size for gerbils is eight babies. However, it is rare for gerbils to have litters that large. Most litters have between 3 to 5 babies.

What to Do After Gerbils Give Birth

Caring for Newborn Gerbils

After giving birth, it is essential to give the mother gerbil a quiet and secure environment to take care of her young. Providing plenty of food and water is also crucial to ensure that the mother gerbil can produce enough milk for her babies. Gerbil babies are born naked and blind and need their mother’s care to survive. They will start to develop fur and open their eyes after about 10 days.

Separating Male and Female Babies

When the gerbil babies reach three to four weeks of age, it is crucial to separate the male and female babies to prevent inbreeding. Inbreeding can lead to genetic defects and health problems.


Gerbils are fascinating animals, and they can have many babies. Knowing how many babies gerbils can have at once is essential for gerbil owners to ensure that they can provide the appropriate care for their pets. Gerbil reproduction is rapid, and it is easy for gerbils to have many litters in a short time. Understanding gerbil reproduction and gestation period is crucial for gerbil owners to keep their pets happy and healthy.

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