Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in NC: Top 8 Breeders 2023

The Maine Coon is the most popular cat breed in the US. Their feral appearance, large size, and sweet temperament make them the clear favorites of many cat lovers. If you’ve decided that you want a Maine Coon kitten of your own the most important thing is finding a good breeder. Finding a good cattery is important because it ensures that you will get a kitten that is in good health, well socialized, and ethically bred.

If you’re looking for a breeder that has Maine Coon kittens for sale you’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled a list of 8 excellent Maine Coon breeders in the state of North Carolina!

8 Maine Coon Kitten Breeders in North Carolina

1. Megacoon

Location610 Minow Johnson Road, Sanford, NC 27330
Phone number(919) 210-5409
Email[email protected]
PriceAround $2400

Megacoon cattery is a breeder that specializes in breeding Maine Coon kittens. They’ve been in business since 1995 and have had hundreds of satisfied customers. They have an average rating of 4.9 stars on Facebook and 4.5 stars on Google.

Megacoon is TICA registered breeder and all their kittens are sold with a 2-year health guarantee. They also come with a starter kit which includes a sample bag of grain-free cat food, canned food, litter, nail clippers, and cat toys.

If you’d like to see some of their cats, their Facebook page contains a ton of great pictures.

2. Royal Maine Coons

NameRoyal Maine Coons
LocationAsheville, NC
Phone number(828) 273-6253 
Email[email protected]

Royal Maine Coons is a cattery located on a 5-acre estate in Asheville, NC, and is operated by Peggy Huff. The cattery is registered with TICA and aims to breed beautiful, loving, and healthy Maine Coon kittens. To achieve this, they use kings and queens with good genes and treat them like royalty.

An interesting feature is that they have a Kitten Cam which allows you to watch your baby grow up in real-time. Furthermore, you’ll also receive updates and photos on a regular basis on all your kittens’ records, daily weights, important medical dates, as well as your projected go-home date.

This breeder is registered with TICA.

3. Hope Cats Maine Coons

NameHope cats
LocationHenderson, NC
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]

Hope cats cattery has been in business for over 25 years and focuses primarily on breeding show-quality Maine Coon kittens. This makes them a great option if you plan on participating in cat shows. However, just because they’re show-quality doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them simply as a pet!

All their breeding kings and queens are extensively tested for genetic disease and their kittens are treated with the utmost love and care all to ensure that you get a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted companion.

They’re also a member of the CFA Breed Council and their breeding lines have won many shows.

4. Carolina Meows

NameCarolina Meows
LocationNear Raleigh, North Carolina
Phone number252-432-0169
Email[email protected]

Carolina Meows is an at-home cattery operated by Patricia Clary. She’s been raising and caring for the breed for over 30 years, giving her plenty of experience. They aim to breed intelligent, loyal, and sweet kittens that will make a great addition to any loving home.

All their kittens are raised in their home in an underfoot environment so they’re well socialized and they come with up-to-date shots, deworming, health records, and a basket of surprises.

Their kings and queens have won many shows and the breeder is registered with TICA as well as CFA.

5. Bald Mountain Maine Coons

NameBald Mountain
LocationNear Asheville, NC
Phone number(828) 206-2818

Bald Mountain is a small-time breeder located about 25 miles north of Asheville. They’re TICA registered and breed Maine coon kittens in a wide range of colors.

All their kittens are litter trained before they’re sent to their new homes.

6. Fire Lynx

NameFire Lynx
LocationCharlotte, NC
Phone number(980) 245-0361
Email[email protected]

Fire Lynx is a cattery In Charlotte that focuses on breeding high-quality Siberian cats. They’re TICA registered and have had many happy customers. They have an average rating of 4.7 stars on Facebook with 12 reviews.

To see some of their litters I highly recommend checking out their Instagram page as well since it contains dozens of adorable pictures.

7. Tarheel Paws

NameTarheel paws
LocationNear Columbus, North Carolina
Phone number(828) 894-2876
Email[email protected]

Tarheel Paws is a small cattery, located in the beautiful mountains of Western, N.C, near Columbus. They specialize in breeding high-quality Maine Coons. Their cattery is TICA and CFA registered and their goal is to perfect the breed while specializing in healthy, happy kittens for adoption.

Tarheel Paws has great reviews with an average rating of 5/5 stars with 27 reviews on their Facebook page.

8. Soulshine Maine Coons

NameSoulshine Maine Coons
LocationRaleigh, North Carolina
Phone number(919) 729-4352
Email[email protected]

SoulShine Maine Coons is a small cattery based out of Raleigh, North Carolina that specializes in breeding wonderful Maine Coon Kittens. It’s operated by Melissa, who has been a breeder since 2006. Soulshine is registered with TICA and the CFA and has a passion for breeding socialized, sound Maine Coons that conform to the breed standard.

Since they’re a small at-home cattery, they only have a few litters each year. Their kittens are raised in an underfoot environment and receive lots of love and all the care they need until they’re ready to leave the nest to go to their forever home.

Soulshine takes the health of their cats seriously, and they extensively health test to ensure that their kings, queens, and kittens are exceptionally strong and healthy!

ThePetFaq Team