8 Unique Papillon Mixes You Have To See (With Pictures)

Easily recognizable for their “butterfly” ears, Papillons have been a popular breed since the 16th century! They’ve also got royal fans, as King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette loved this toy breed. Papillon is French for “butterfly”, hence their famous ears. This gorgeous breed is more than looks though! 

While gorgeous with their long, flowing coats, large eyes, and butterfly ears, Papillons are a very intelligent breed of dog. This breed thrives on learning new tricks and excels in the show ring. Easily trainable and eager to please, many Papillons enjoy championship titles around the world. 

As advancements are made in the health of our pets, many owners and breeders are discovering that hybrid dogs (mixing two purebred dogs together), can create an interesting mix. Mixes between well-loved breeds can create a new breed that has attributes from both dog breeds.

If the Papillon has caught your eye, but you’re interested in a bigger size, different traits, or are just curious about what’s out there, read our list of the top Papillon mixes! 

Top 8 Papillon Mixes 

1. Corillon (Papillon & Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

Both the Papillon and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are incredibly popular dog breeds. Both breeds are small breeds, active, and intelligent. This mix will love to play with all dogs and may even make friends with the cat! Papillons do not like to be alone and Corgis are family-oriented dogs, so be sure to have plenty of time for this mix. 

Corgis are known to be a bit stubborn when training while the Papillon is eager to please. So, hopefully by crossing these two, you’ll get a puppy that takes both parent traits and responds to training well. Provide this breed with plenty of exercise and you’ll have a great companion. 

2. Papimo (Papillon and American Eskimo Dog)

The American Eskimo Dog is an old breed hailing from Germany where they were bred to hunt and protect their families. The Papillon is an active toy breed along with the American Eskimo, so be prepared for a mix with a lot of energy! 

Both parent breeds are intelligent, active, and extremely loyal. If you’re looking for a small dog breed that is easy to train and will remain by your side always, the Papimo may be the perfect choice. Be sure to meet the parents, as this will help you decide which way grooming needs will run and can give you a glimpse of all their energy! 

3. German Papillon (Papillon and German Shepherd) 

The ever-popular German shepherd is a popular choice to crossbreed. Wonderfully loyal, affectionate, and playful, the German Shepherd has enjoyed a long history of being a guard dog and family pet. It may seem odd to mix such a large breed of dog with a toy breed, but the resulting mix is absolutely adorable! 

As both breeds are athletic, you’ll end up with a pup that requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. While Papillons are more friendly towards strangers, the German Shepherd’s more cautious nature will tone that down, creating a guard dog that is both agile and intelligent. 

4. Papi-Poo (Papillon and Poodle)

Another highly popular breed, the Poodle comes in three different sizes. It makes the most sense to breed a toy Poodle with the Papillon, as they’ll remain a small lap dog. However, what makes this crossbreed irresistible is their signature curly hair with long, wispy hair around their faces. 

These parent breeds are highly intelligent and require plenty of stimulation to remain happy. You’ll have an active puppy that will be incredibly loyal to your family. They also get along well with other dogs and aren’t prone to barking. 

5. Papilldor (Papillon and Labrador Retriever) 

The Labrador Retriever is America’s number #1 dog for over 30 years. It only makes sense to mix them with other well-loved breeds! The Lab is famous for their loyal and affectionate natures. They’re also easily trainable, much like the Papillon. 

For those looking for an athletic breed that is extremely loyal to their families and will excel in dog competitions, the Papilldor is a great choice. This mix can come out in many different sizes and colors, so be sure to research this breed carefully if you’re looking for more of the lapdog size (even though Labs think they’re lap dogs!) 

6. Bostillon (Papillon and Boston Terrier)

Often called “little gentleman” because of their classic black and white coat pattern, Boston Terriers are a popular small dog breed. Now, imagine adding fluffy, large ears to that tuxedo look! Bostillons are adorable puppies and grow into fun, playful adults who are most likely  to be affectionate. 

This will be a moderate energy breed as the Boston Terrier is more laid back and will tone down the Papillon’s naturally high energy. This crossbreed will be gentle with kids and make great family companions. They can be barkers though and don’t deal well with hot weather. Be sure to research this mix before adding one to your home. 

7. Papshund (Papillon and Dachshund)

For the owner who is looking for a friendly dog that will greet everyone like they’re best friends, the Papshund is a great choice. Retaining the iconic long Dachshund body with the butterfly ears of the Papillon, this mix is a show-stopper. 

Both parent breeds are very lovable and affectionate with their owners. You’ll be guaranteed a loyal family companion with this mix. They do have a prey drive, from their Dachshund heritage, so be prepared to have them on a leash while outside and introduce them slowly to small family pets. 

8. French Bullpap (Papillon and French Bulldog) 

Another extremely popular breed, the French Bulldog is a friendly and happy breed that enjoys being with its owners at all times. Mix this with peppy Papillon and you’ll have a puppy that is playful and lively, even with strangers. 

Both breeds are small dogs and will retain their small stature. A French Bulldog looks beyond adorable with the Papillon butterfly ears! The parent breeds are both prone to separation anxiety, so this mix will need lots of attention and won’t do well alone for long hours. They’ll return your attention with endless affection! 

Final thoughts

With the popularity of the Papillon breed right now, mixes are being bred constantly. Our list offers a few of the top mixes, but there are plenty more to discover! Each mixed breed should be carefully researched to best understand both parents’ personalities, health, and needs. 

Mix breeds can also differ from their parent breeds and/or heavily favor one breed over the other. Speak with a reputable breeder to determine which puppy from their litter best fits your family. 

As a breed, Papillons are energetic and need mental stimulation to keep them happy. If you’re an active person or can provide them with a space where they can zoom around, the Papillon is an excellent companion. Mixing them with another breed can either retain that high energy or mellow it out. Choose carefully which mix will best fit your lifestyle and have fun learning about all the Papillon mixes out there! 

ThePetFaq Team