Should You Get One or Two Cockatiels? Expert Advice and Tips!

Cockatiels are friendly and social birds that thrive on human interaction. They are affectionate and enjoy cuddling, which makes them great companions for those who want a pet to bond with. Cockatiels are also relatively low maintenance pets. They require basic care, such as feeding, cleaning, and occasional grooming. They are also relatively quiet pets, making them ideal for apartment living.

Disadvantages of Keeping a Cockatiel

While cockatiels are great pets, they do come with some downsides. Cockatiels are prone to health problems, such as respiratory infections and feather plucking. They can also be noisy at times, especially when they are bored or stressed. Additionally, cockatiels require regular attention and interaction to prevent boredom and loneliness.

One or Two Cockatiels – Which is Better?

Now let’s explore the pros and cons of having one or two cockatiels.

Pros of Having One Cockatiel

Having one cockatiel can be beneficial for those who want a pet that is easy to care for. One cockatiel requires less attention and interaction than two, making it an ideal choice for those with a busy schedule or limited living space. Additionally, one cockatiel can bond with its owner and become a loyal companion.

Cons of Having One Cockatiel

However, having one cockatiel can also come with some disadvantages. Cockatiels are social birds that thrive on interaction with other birds. Having only one cockatiel can lead to boredom and loneliness, which can result in behavioral issues, such as feather plucking and aggression.

Pros of Having Two Cockatiels

Having two cockatiels can be beneficial for those who want to provide their pets with companionship and social interaction. Cockatiels are social birds that enjoy the company of other birds, and having two can prevent boredom and loneliness. Additionally, two cockatiels can bond with each other, which can result in less bonding with their owner and less attention required.

Cons of Having Two Cockatiels

However, having two cockatiels can also come with some disadvantages. Two cockatiels require more attention and interaction than one, which can be challenging for those with a busy schedule or limited living space. Additionally, two cockatiels can become noisy, especially if they are fighting or playing.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Number of Cockatiels

Before deciding whether to get one or two cockatiels, there are several factors to consider.

Living Space

The amount of living space you have is an essential factor to consider when deciding on the number of cockatiels. Cockatiels require a large cage and room to fly around. If you have limited living space, it may be better to have one cockatiel.

Budget and Expenses

The cost of owning a cockatiel can vary depending on the number of birds you have. Additional birds mean increased expenses for food, toys, and veterinary care. If you have a limited budget, it may be better to have one cockatiel.

Time and Energy

Caring for cockatiels requires time and energy. Having two birds means more time spent interacting and playing with them, as well as cleaning and maintaining their cage. If you have a busy schedule or limited energy, it may be better to have one cockatiel.

Behavior and Temperament of Cockatiels

The behavior and temperament of your cockatiels are also essential factors to consider. Some cockatiels are more social and enjoy the company of other birds, while others are more independent. Consider the personality of your cockatiel when deciding on the number of birds to get.

Tips on Taking Care of One or Two Cockatiels

Taking care of cockatiels requires attention to detail and commitment. Here are some tips on how to take care of one or two cockatiels.

Feed and Nutrition

Cockatiels require a balanced diet that includes pellets, fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats. Ensure that your cockatiels have access to fresh water at all times.

Cage and Environment

Cockatiels require a large cage, preferably one that is wider than it is tall, with plenty of room to fly around. The cage should also have perches, toys, and a nesting box. Additionally, cockatiels require a clean environment, so their cage should be cleaned regularly.

Training and Socialization

Training and socialization are essential for cockatiels. Spend time playing and interacting with your birds, and provide them with toys and activities to prevent boredom. Additionally, consider enrolling your cockatiels in training classes to improve their behavior.

Health and Wellness

Cockatiels require regular veterinary check-ups to ensure that they are healthy. Additionally, provide them with a healthy diet, clean living environment, and plenty of exercise to ensure their overall wellness.


In conclusion, choosing whether to get one or two cockatiels depends on several factors, including living space, budget, time, and energy. While having one cockatiel can be easier to care for, having two can provide companionship and social interaction for your pets. Ultimately, the decision on how many cockatiels to get should be based on your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences. With proper care and attention, one or two cockatiels can provide years of joy and companionship.

ThePetFaq Team