Tarantula Forums: Top 5 Communities You Should Join

Tarantula forums are a great place to get information, explore new species, look at videos, and marvel at beautiful pictures.

Whether you’re new to the hobby or already have tons of experience under your belt, it’s always nice to chat with people about your hobby. Especially when it comes to exotic animals like tarantulas it’s nice to have a place where you can ask questions, share pictures, and talk about experiences.

There are several of these places found on the internet that offer this. Today we’re going to share a top 5 list of the best tarantula forums on the internet. They often have tight-knit communities of people who love these animals just as much as you do. They offer incredible insight and are a great place to make friends with other hobbyists.

1. Arachnoboards

Arachnoboards is the #1 forum for tarantula hobbyists. The forum has been active for many years and it’s by far the largest community of hobbyists. There are millions of posts and new posts are made every minute. There’s always interesting stuff to read about and of course, you can also share your own experiences with community members.

It’s a rich source of videos, images, experiences, and even bite reports. It has pretty much everything you need.

With thousands of active members, they have experience with every species under the sun, so they’re a great place to go if you have questions.

2. Reddit.com/r/tarantulas

Reddit is an absolute behemoth of a website with communities for every hobby under the sun, including tarantulas. There’s a dedicated community of hobbyists to be found on Reddit that often share photos, videos, and experiences.

Furthermore, since the Subreddit attracts many people every day it’s a great place to share your own content. Whether that be pictures, stories, or questions, everything is welcome as long as it’s related to tarantulas.

3. The Tarantula Collective

If you’re a fan of creepy crawlers then you’ve probably come across a video or two from The Tarantula Collective at some point in your journey. Did you know that they also have a Facebook group? The group has almost 30,000 dedicated members that live and breathe the hobby.

The goal of the community is described as “for it to be different from the dozens of other FB tarantula groups and keep this space as free of trolls, controversy, condescending remarks, drama, and continuous arguments as possible. I wanted a space where newcomers to the hobby and experienced keepers alike could ask questions and share knowledge and experience without being ridiculed and trolled.”

If that sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll definitely feel right at home in this group.

4. TarantulaForum.com

Tarantulaforum.com is a website that’s similar in appearance to Arachnoboards. It’s not quite as popular as Arachnoboards but it’s still a great place to chat about the hobby.

Especially if you enjoy a slower-paced community where you can get to know the regulars better this is a good forum for you.

They offer a wide variety of different content from regular tarantula talk and discussions to pictures, videos, breeding info, and bite reports.

5. The Tarantula community on Facebook

The Tarantula Community is a Facebook group dedicated to our favorite eight-legged animal. It’s a closed group but it’s fairly simple to join. They describe themselves as “a group created by diverse individuals for the purpose of hobby development through the sharing of knowledge. Our mission is to provide a space in which questions can be asked without adverse response, knowledge can be shared, and comprehensive discussions can be had.”

If you have a Facebook account and don’t want to create yet another account, this is a good group to join. It’s quite active. It has around 60,000 members and on a typical day, the group has over 100 posts.

Final words

So, there you have it, the top 5 Tarantula communities that you should definitely join if you want to dive deeper into the hobby. These are welcoming spaces that offer a lot to newcomers as well as experts.

Whether you want to talk about your new Antilles Pink Toe or simply have some questions about the Orange Baboon tarantula, these forums are excellent places to go.

They’re not only great sources of information but also very entertaining because of the interesting videos, pictures, and stories they offer.

If you end up joining one of these tarantula forums introduce yourself and I’m sure you’ll be welcomed with open arms no matter which group you choose. Have fun!

ThePetFaq Team