Black Cats with Blue Eyes – What You Need To know [With Pictures]

Blue eyes with black fur are one of the most striking features a cat can have. The black fur in contrast with the blue eyes gives a very unique appearance. Because of this, cats that have these features are highly desired and many people wonder if there are any black cat breeds with blue eyes that they can buy or adopt.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at black cats with blue eyes. If you’re in a hurry, there’s only 1 truly black cat with blue eyes: The Ojos Azules. The name means “Blue Eyes” in Spanish and it’s the only cat breed that can naturally be black with blue eyes.

Black cats with blue eyes – a rare combination…

Did you know that every cat is born with blue eyes? The reason why kittens are born with blue eyes is because of the low amount of melanin they have in their eyes when they are born. As the kittens grow older their eyes start producing melanin and as a result, their eyes start changing colors.

It’s also because of this that blue eyes are so rare in mature cats. There are only a few breeds like the Balinese, Birman, Himalayan, and Persian that have blue eyes, and none of these cats are black. That’s because blue eyes are even rarer in black cats. You see, black fur in cats is caused by melanin so a cat that has the genes to produces enough melanin to have a black coat is very unlikely to have blue eyes.

There are several cat breeds that have blue eyes, but none of these breeds have black fur, except for one…

So, while there are quite a few cat breeds that can have blue eyes, most of these breeds do not have blue eyes in combination with black fur. But there is one exception…

The Exception: The Ojos Azules

The Ojos Azules is a cat breed whose name literally means “Blue Eyes” in Spanish. The reason why the cat was given this name is of course because of its deep, vibrant blue eyes. However, what’s even more interesting than the fact that this breed has blue eyes is that it can have these beautiful blue eyes while at the same time having a black coat.

Most cat breeds that can have blue eyes do not have blue eyes in combination with black fur. The Ojos Azules is the exception. They can have stunning blue eyes in combination with a jet black coat.

The Ojos Azules is quite a modern breed and was only discovered as recently as 1984. Unfortunately, the breed is also quite rare, making it difficult to find one available for purchase.

On top of that, not all Ojos Azules have a black coat. The breed’s coat can come in many different colors such as white, gray, or patterned. Because of this, the chances of finding a black Ojos Azules for sale are unfortunately quite slim.

Buying a black cat with blue eyes

As I’ve told you, black cats with blue eyes are exceptionally rare, and finding one for sale can be tricky. Furthermore, since these cats are so rare and in high demand, they’re quite pricey. If you even manage to find one, expect to pay top-dollar.

Nevertheless, where there’s a will there’s a way, and if you’re determined and have money to blow anything is possible and you might be able to find a black Ojos Azules for sale.

The best place to start looking is by asking around your local breeders. Ojos Azules breeders are rare, but you might be lucky and have someone who breeds them in your area. If that fails, you’ll have to start broadening your horizon and start looking online. A good place to start is on Facebook groups for cat breeders.

A word of warning: People often buy kittens. All kittens are born with blue eyes, but their eyes will change in color later in life. If you’re looking for a black cat with blue eyes and are buying a kitten make sure that you don’t get scammed by buying a kitten with blue eyes whose eyes later change color. Always make sure that the breed you’re buying is a real Ojos Azules if you’re after a black cat that will keep its blue eyes into adulthood.

Other options

Now that you know how unlikely it is to find a black cat with blue eyes for sale you might feel like it’s not worth the money and effort to scour the earth to find one that’s available.

Not to worry though, there are plenty of alternative cat breeds that you can choose from that have a similar appearance.

British Bombay

The first, and definitely my favorite alternative is the British Bombay Cat. The British Bombay is a jet-black cat with marvelous green eyes. So, while it’s not quite a blue-eyed cat, it’s still a light-eyed cat with black fur.

Russian Blue

Secondly, you could also opt for a Russian Blue. The Russian Blue’s name might make you think that they have blue eyes, but that’s not quite true. Their name refers to their blue-grayish coat, their eyes are a beautiful, deep green color.


If you really want a cat with blue eyes the Balinese might be for you. This breed always has striking, deep blue eyes that will make you fall in love with them. Unfortunately, this breed never has completely black fur, but they do often have patches of black fur on their face, giving a cool contrast between their deep blue eyes and dark black face.


So, to sum it up: Fully grown black cats with blue eyes are extremely rare and most people will go their entire life without ever seeing one. The reason for this is that the genetics that gives a cat its black fur make it very unlikely for these cats to also have blue eyes, the Ojos Azules, a very rare breed, is the only exception.

Kittens with black fur are more common because all kittens are born with blue eyes, which change in color later in life.

ThePetFaq Team