Top 7 Cat Breeds with Orange Eyes [With Pictures!]

Cats with orange eyes are pretty rare but they’re extremely beautiful. Cats come in many different shapes and sizes. This is a good thing because it allows people who are in the market for a cat to select the exact cat they want with the specific attributes they prefer. However, because there are so many different cat breeds it can also be difficult to see the forest through the trees!

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the top 7 cat breeds with orange eyes. While all the cat breeds on this list can have orange eyes, not all cats of the listed breeds always have orange eyes.

1. British Shorthair

Length22 to 25 inches
Weight7 to 17 pounds
Lifespan12 to 17 years
OriginGreat Britain

The British Shorthair is a breed that can have some of the most distinct orange eyes of any cat. Furthermore, their large, round eyes make the orange color stand out even more.

The breed is native to Great Britain and was devastated during the war. Many of the cats perished in the destruction of the war and not many survived. It was so bad that the breed almost went extinct. Luckily, the breed was preserved and with the help of other breeds, they were revitalized.

The British Shorthair is a mellow and easygoing cat. Like most cats, they enjoy affection but they do not necessarily always have to be the center of attention. They’re not fond of being carried around but they love sitting next to you on the couch. They’re moderately active, being more active as kittens and settling down as they mature.

2. Maine Coon

image credit: Robert Sijka
Length30 to 40 inches
Weight9 to 18 pounds
Lifespan9 to 15 years
OriginUnited States

Maine Coons are among the most popular cat breeds that can have orange eyes. This is not very surprising. Their stunning appearance makes them a pleasure to look at. They’re among the largest cat breeds in the world with huge paws and beautiful, long fur.

Not only is the Maine Coon a joy to look at, but their personality is also great. They’re highly intelligent, energetic, playful, and kid-friendly while at the same time not being very needy. They’re not really lap cats but do enjoy spending time with their owners and will gladly receive your attention and affection.

As the name suggests, the Maine Coon is native to Maine where it was kept as a mouser. Fun fact: it’s also the official state cat of Maine. However, nowadays the breed is available all over the world. The breed has been officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association since 1908.

3. Turkish Van

Louiethe27th, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Length14 to 17 inches
Weight10 to 18 pounds
Lifespan12 to 17 years

The Turkish Van is a breed that originates from the Lake Van area in modern-day Turkey. This breed can have beautiful amber or orange eyes, giving it a very standout appearance which is further solidified by its strongly built body and cashmere-like coat.

The Turkish Van is a bit of a weirdo. While most other cat breeds hate water the Turkish Van absolutely loves it. They’re often seen playing with water and if you’re not careful they might join you in the shower or climb into the toilet.

The Turkish Van is an intelligent cat that can learn tricks easily. However, they’re also quite independent cats. They do not really enjoy being held and are not your typical lap cat. That’s not to say that they do not enjoy human attention and interaction. They do love their owners and need human interaction to prevent boredom.

4. Persian

Height14 to 18 inches
Weight7 to 12 pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 years

The Persian is yet another cat breed that can have stunning orange eyes. In combination with its beautiful long hair and chubby cheeks, it gives the breed a very adorable appearance.

This breed is very old, hailing from the cradle of civilization: Mesopotamia, which was later known as Persia and is now known as Iran. The breed was first brought to Europe as early as 1626. Since then, the breed has become popular in the West very rapidly and today they’re among the most popular cat breeds.

The Persian is often described as dignified and docile. Their quiet and sweet personality attracts many people to the breed. They enjoy sitting in their owner’s laps and enjoy being petted. On the whole, Persians are affectionate but only towards family members and other people they trust. They can be aloof towards strangers. Persians prefer quiet and calm environments and are not very needy nor demanding.

5. Chartreux

Height15 to 18 inches
Weight7 to 16 pounds
Lifespan 11 to 15 years

The Chartreux is a rare cat breed that’s known for its grey coat but they have another feature that makes them stand just as much: their eyes. Their eyes can be yellow, but they can also be a beautiful orange.

The Chartreux is a silent breed. They rarely cry or meow. In fact, some of them are even mute. They prefer to make their demands known through body language. Furthermore, the breed is very intelligent and loves to play, remaining playful even into adulthood. They are also exceptional hunters and are highly sought after by farmers as mousers.

The Chartreux is a great middle-of-the-road cat. They’re not extremely social but not too shy either. They will generally get along well with others but might take a while to decide whether or not they want to be friends with someone.

6. American Wirehair

Length16 to 19 inches
Weight8 to 15 pounds
Lifespan14 to 18 years
OriginUnited States

The American Wirehair is most famous for its springy resilient coat, which is where they get its name from. However, another feature that makes them stand out is their eyes. The American Wirehair has large, round, bright eyes that tilt slightly upwards. They can have orange eyes, but their eyes can also be blue or green.

This breed is adaptable, good-natured, playful, and affectionate. They enjoy spending time with people and will generally follow their owner around from room to room. They’re not lap cats but they do enjoy sitting next to you on the couch. They’re also quite intelligent and enjoy playing with puzzles and interactive toys.

7. American Bombay Cat

Length13 to 20 inches
Weight8 to 15 pounds
Lifespan12 to 20 years

The Bombay Cat’s black fur makes their orange eyes even more striking. The black backdrop really makes their eyes pop and stand out giving this breed a highly unique look. They’re often described as looking like a smaller version of a black panther.

What’s interesting about this breed is that there actually are 2 types of Bombay Cats: The American and the British variant. They’re quite easy to tell apart, because the American Bombay has orange/yellow eyes, while the British variant has green eyes.

This breed is lively and affectionate while at the same time being very adaptable to a lot of different lifestyles and environments. They’re also quite intelligent, love playing with fun and interactive toys, and spend a lot of time with their owners. They also get along quite well with other pets and kids.

ThePetFaq Team