Top 6 Cat Breeds with Yellow Eyes [With Pictures!]

Did you know that no cat in the world is born with yellow eyes? All kittens are born with blue eyes,  it’s only once cats grow older that their eye color starts to change. Cats can have a wide range of different eye colors but today we’re looking specifically at cat breeds that have yellow eyes.

Before we begin taking a look at these beautiful breeds it’s important to note that yellow eyes in cats can also be a sign of health issues. If your adult cat does not normally have yellow eyes but you notice that their eye color starts to turn yellow bring them to a vet immediately because they might have jaundice.

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the top 6 cat breeds with yellow eyes!

1. Chartreux

Length15 to 18 inches
Weight7 to 16 pounds
Originates fromFrance
Lifespan11 to 15 years

The Chartreux is a breed that originated in France. They’re known for their beautiful gray fur and stunning yellow eyes.

The Chartreux is a very quiet cat and because of that, they’re sometimes compared to a mime. They do not meow a whole lot but prefer to communicate through body language, making them an ideal cat for people who prefer silent breeds.

Furthermore, the breed is relatively calm and has a polite and sunny disposition. They’re not necessarily social butterflies but they’re not a wallflower either and can make great companions for the right owner.

2. Burmese

Length 15 to 18 inches
Weight 8 to 12 pounds
Originates from Burma & Thailand
Lifespan 10 to 16 years
Coat Short

The eyes of the Burmese are a work of art. Their eyes can be any shade of yellow, but a golden yellow is often the color that is most sought after for cat shows. Stare into the eyes of a Burmese and you’ll be stunned by the amount of depth and brilliance you’ll see.

The Burmese cat is a breed that has a lot to offer. Not only do they have stunning yellow eyes a beautiful coat that’s easy to groom, but they’re also very affectionate, great with kids, friendly towards strangers, pet-friendly, and very intelligent. They enjoy human companionship so it’s not recommended to leave them alone all day. If they do not have their owners around for socializing and to stimulate their intelligence make sure that they at least have the company of another pet.

One thing you need to be prepared for when you get this breed is that they’re very, very affectionate. They will follow you around the house and need a lot of attention in order to be happy. They will want to be around you all the time and are not very independent compared to other breeds.

3. American Bombay Cat

Length 13 to 20 inches
Weight 8 to 15 pounds
Originates from USA
Lifespan 12 to 20 years
Coat Short

Many people, even avid cat lovers, don’t know that there are technically 2 types of Bombay cats: American and British Bombays. The main difference between the American and the British Bombay Cat is that the American Bombay has yellow/copper eyes while the British Bombay has green eyes.

Deep black fur and striking yellow eyes make the American Bombay Cat one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. The appearance of the Bombay cat was achieved by crossing a sable Burmese with a Black American Shorthair. This was done in order to create a domestic feline with a feral, panther-like appearance.

The Bombay cat is not only beautiful to look at, but they also have a great personality. They’re a lively and affectionate breed that loves humans and they’re very adaptable. Furthermore, their calm nature makes them a great fit for people who live in apartments. In addition, they’re quite intelligent and love playing games with family members.

4. Scottish Fold

Length10 to 12 inches
Weight6 to 13 pounds
Originates fromScotland
Lifespan11 to 14 years

The Scottish Fold is a breed that has seen a surge of popularity lately, largely because celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are owners of Scottish Folds and post many pictures of them on social media. It’s easy to see why so many people are obsessed with the breed: its folded ears, large golden-yellow eyes, and adorable face give it a very cute appearance.

As the name suggests the Scottish fold originated from Scotland, where a genetic mutation caused unusual folded ears. This cat was then bred, and thus the Scottish Fold breed was born. It is important to note that in some countries the breed is illegal because the genetic mutation that causes the folded ears can lead to other issues.

The Scottish Fold is a breed that’s highly affectionate, good with kids, and intelligent. Scottish Folds do not like being left alone and highly prefer to be included in the activities their humans undertake. Because of this, they’re a relatively high-maintenance breed. They like to pose in strange positions, such as sitting like a frog or sitting up completely straight.

5. American Shorthair

Length12 to 15 inches
Weight7 to 12 pounds
Originates fromUnited States
Lifespan15 to 20 years

The American shorthair does not always have yellow eyes. Their eyes can also be blue, green, or hazel. However, yellow/copper/gold eyes are relatively common. If you’re looking for a cat breed with yellow eyes then the American shorthair is a good bet. This breed has large, wide-set eyes which makes their yellow eyes even more pronounced.

The American Shorthair is a breed that’s said to have come to America with the passengers of the Mayflower. On the ship, they served as rat and mouse catchers, something they’re very good at. Since then, The American Shorthair has made a mark for itself and in 1906 it was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. It’s been a popular breed ever since.

The American Shorthair has a middle-of-the-road temperament, meaning that they’re calm, but not too calm. They have moderate activity levels and enjoy lounging around just as much as playtime. In addition, they’re quite smart and enjoy playing games.

6. Bengal Cat

Length 17 to 22 inches
Weight 8 to 17 pounds
Originates from United States
Lifespan 10 to 16 years
Coat Short

The Bengal is yet another cat breed with gold-yellow eyes (although they can also be green). The Bengal is one of the largest cat breeds in the world and its beautiful spotted coat gives it a very unique appearance.

The Bengal is a creation of a breeder named Jean Mill. It’s a mixture of a wild Asian Leopard Cat and a Domestic Shorthair, which is where the breed’s wild appearance comes from. But not to worry, while the breed might look wild, they’re totally domesticated and can safely be kept as pets.

The Bengal is typically highly active and very intelligent. This can make them a very fun breed, but you do have to make sure that you have the energy and patience to keep up with it. If you can’t keep up with your Bengal and do not have time to take proper care of them their boredom and frustration can turn into destructive behavior.

On the whole, Bengal cats have beautiful yellow eyes, are talkative, friendly, and a highly energetic breed that loves playing games.

ThePetFaq Team