Foxhound Labrador Mix: 7 Facts, Traits & Pictures

The Foxhound Labrador Mix is a breed that can be characterized as social, high-energy, and affectionate. Are you wondering if this mixed breed is right for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll tell you all about this interesting hybrid dog.

Each dog breed has its own characteristics and temperament, so it is important to understand if this mixed breed is right for your family before bringing a puppy home!

The Labrador Foxhound mix is what’s often called a “designer breed”. These Designer Breeds are created by combining two purebred dogs together. By doing this, you can get extremely healthy puppies that inherit the best qualities of both parent breeds.

Since the Foxhound lab mix is a more modern breed of dog, most people don’t have too much information about them, so we’ve created a list of the top 7 facts and traits that every prospective owner should know. Of course, this list will be accompanied by plenty of pictures to give you an idea of what the dog looks like.

Keep reading to find out if the Labrador Retriever x Foxhound mix is a good fit for you and your family!

Height21 to 24 inches
Weight50 to 75 pounds
Lifespan10 to 13 years
Best Suited ForFirst time dog owners; active families; families with kids
TemperamentFriendly, loyal, intelligent, outgoing
PriceApproximately $650 to $1000
Foxhound Labrador Mix Fact Sheet

7 Foxhound Labrador Retriever Mix Facts & Traits

1. How this mixed breed was born

The Foxhound Lab mix is created by breeding the Foxhound and the Labrador Retriever together. However, since there are several varieties of Foxhounds, the Labrador Retriever x Foxhound mix can actually encompass several different mixes.

The Foxhound most commonly mixed with the Labrador Retriever is the English Foxhound. For the purposes of this article, when we refer to the “Foxhound,” we are referring to the English Foxhound. 

Because they are a mix, the Foxhound x Labrador Retriever takes on traits from both parent breeds. This creates a very interesting mixed breed! The English Foxhound is a scent hound that was created in order to aid with hunting foxes. They have been around since the early 1800s and have a rich history in England, India, and (more recently) internationally.

The Labrador Retriever has a similarly rich history. They have been around since at least the 1830s. Originally used as a hunting dog, in modern times the Labrador Retriever has found its place as a companion animal.

Combining the Foxhound and the Labrador Retriever has created a feisty, loving family dog. 

2. They Are Great With Kids

The Labrador Retriever is a world-renowned family dog. They are known for being patient, loyal, loving, and affectionate.

Labs are very laid back and known to be very careful with children. If it were up to them, they’d spend all day with their people. They are also known for being quite adaptable and being able to handle new babies in the house. This makes them a good choice for families with children of all ages or those planning to have children in the future. 

The Foxhound also absolutely loves children! They may need to be monitored a bit more closely than a Labrador Retriever would though. However, this is simply because they are so bouncy and energetic around kids. Having young, active companions brings joy into the Foxhound’s life.

As a combination of these two breeds, the Foxhound x Lab mix is a perfect fit for a family with children. They are laid back and patient enough to be trusted with kids of all ages. However, they also will be thrilled to have an active playmate. If you have kids, prepare for this dog to be their best friend!

3. Foxhound Labrador Mixes Require Very Little Grooming

While both the Foxhound and the Labrador Retriever shed, don’t let this fool you into thinking they will require excessive amounts of grooming. Because these are both hunting breeds, their coats were designed to handle a good bit of wear and tear without stopping to be groomed. 

To keep your Foxhound x Labrador Retriever’s coat looking healthy, you only need to brush them once a week and give them the occasional bath. Bathing them too often will actually strip essential oils from their coat and skin, so you actually need to be careful not to overdo it. 

If your Labrador x Foxhound mix has inherited the stereotypical large hound ears, one of the most important things to do during grooming is to regularly inspect and (if needed) clean their ears. This will help to prevent infection and save your dog from possible discomfort.

4. They Are High Energy Dogs

The Foxhound and the Lab are both bred to run and chase after prey while they hunt. They are also bred to withstand long days of hunting. This means that both dogs are extremely high energy. 

If you are planning to bring a Foxhound Labrador mix into your home, it is important that you are prepared to meet their exercise needs. They will need at least an hour a day of physical stimulation. It is best if you live in a home that has space outside for them to run and play. However, activities such as long walks, jogs, or biking are also great options to tire them out. 

Most importantly, you can tire your Labrador Foxhound mix out by giving them enough mental stimulation. This is a dog that is eager to please. If you are looking for a dog who will enjoy training sessions, look no further than them!

It is very important that you train them frequently because it will keep their brain occupied. A bored dog will become destructive, which is why it’s so essential that you give them the attention and training they need to thrive.

Not only is training a fun way to bond with your Labrador Foxhound mix and teach them new tricks, but it will leave them exhausted at the end of the day, ready for a good night’s sleep.

5. They Are Extremely Affectionate

The Foxhound and Labrador Retriever are both hunting dogs. Because of this, they are conditioned to spend most of their time aiding their humans. In the 1800s, it would be typical to see both of these breeds traveling everywhere with their humans and spending every waking second with them.

Over time, this has made both of these breeds thrive as family dogs. The Labrador Foxhound mix would happily spend all day every day with their humans. They are quite sensitive and thrive off of verbal and physical attention from their owners. 

When getting a Foxhound Lab mix, be prepared to have them become your shadow. These dogs are best off in a family where someone can provide them with constant companionship.

If you are looking for a dog who wants to always keep you company, look no further than this hybrid breed!

6. They Do Best With Other Animals

Another result of the hunting roots of the Foxhound x Labrador Retriever mix is their desire to travel in packs. Both the parent breeds of this mix are the types of dogs that have never met a stranger! 

This is true for all kinds of animals, but particularly other dogs. If you already have a dog at home or know you’d like to get a second dog, the Labrador Foxhound Mix is an excellent choice because they’re very likely to become friends right away.

Of course, both the Lab and the Foxhound were bred to hunt smaller animals. As a result, they might be inclined to chase smaller animals. It is very possible for them to get along fine with smaller animals such as cats, but we recommend you monitor all interactions closely and that you introduce them safely.

7. They come in a variety of different colors & patterns

Foxhound Labrador mixes can have a variety of different colors. Most commonly, they’re a mixture of many different colors but they can also be a solid color.

There’s no definitive number on the number of different colors that they can have, but since both parent dogs can have a variety of colors it stands to reason that this mixed dog breed comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, giving prospective owners plenty of options to choose from!

Final Thoughts: Is a Foxhound Labrador Mix right for you?

A Foxhound Labrador Mix is not for everyone, but in the right family, they’re excellent dogs that are smart, loving, and highly social. On top of that, their low grooming requirements make them relatively easy to care for.

We hope this list of traits and facts has helped you decide if the Labrador x Foxhound mix is the right fit for your household!

If you decide that they are right for you we recommend checking sanctuaries and shelters first to see if there are any available for adoption. However, this is not very often the case because they’re not too common of a mixed breed. As a result, you might need to buy a puppy. If you do, make sure to buy from a reputable breeder to ensure that you get a healthy dog.

If this mix is not for you, you might be interested in checking out some other Foxhound mixes instead!

ThePetFaq Team