Top 6 Foxhound Mixes You Have to See! (With Pictures)

If you’re considering bringing a new dog home, you may be wondering about Foxhound mixes. The Foxhound is well known for its feisty energy and playfulness, making them a fun addition to any family. 

These dogs truly are friends to everyone. From children to adults, to other pets, this outgoing breed has never met a stranger. Their energy and positive demeanor make them an excellent breed for active humans who can meet their exercise needs. 

Their friendliness means that they need constant companionship. This, combined with their energy levels, means that any person who gets a Foxhound will need to be ready to dedicate plenty of time to them. If you are looking for a companion who will always be by your side, the Foxhound is an excellent choice.

However, when searching for the right fit, it is possible to get stuck choosing between multiple breeds. These breeds may both have characteristics that make them a good fit for your family. In recent years, dog lovers around the globe have begun to create mixes by crossing different purebred dogs. These mixed breeds take on many of the desirable traits of both parents.

If you are interested in getting a Foxhound mix, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of the 6 most popular mixes. Read on to find out which is right for you!

Top 6 Foxhound Mixes 

1. Basset Foxhound (Foxhound & Basset Hound)

Another hunting mix that loves to wander is the Basset Foxhound. However, unlike the Alaskan Malamute, the Basset Hound is a relatively low-energy breed. This makes them much more adaptable to apartment living. 

The affectionate Basset Foxhound is certain to bring love and happiness into your home! They are known for being friendly with everyone. Both of its parent breeds get along with adults, children, and strangers. This makes them an excellent family dog.

However, because the Basset Foxhound is a hunting dog, it is important to properly introduce any smaller animals and supervise their interactions to avoid them being treated like prey.

This stunning crossbreed will retain the beautiful black, brown, and white coloration of both of its parent breeds, making it a good choice for those who like the aesthetic of the Foxhound or Basset Hound.

It is important to note that despite their shorter coats, the Basset Foxhound is likely to shed. It is important to brush them daily.

2. Foxhoodle (Poodle & Foxhound Mix)

The Foxhoodle is a hybrid between the Poodle and the Foxhound.

They’re quite high-energy and make excellent watchdogs. In addition, they’re highly intelligent and are easily trainable. However, their intelligence also means that they need quite a lot of attention and affection. Boredom is a problem for these dogs if they do not get adequate stimulation.

They get along very well with other pets, as well as children, making them an excellent family dog.

3. Mally Foxhound (Foxhound & Alaskan Malamute) 

The Mally Foxhound is energetic, playful, and sweet as can be. The Alaskan Malamute was bred for pulling sleds as well as hunting seals. When paired with the Foxhound, who is also bred for hunting, this creates a high-energy combination.

Both of these breeds love to wander. If you want a dog who will adventure with you, look no further than the Mally Foxhound.

Be prepared though, if you aren’t watching they may just slip away and wander on their own. Their desire to wander, plus their desire to talk, make them best suited for families who have a house with separation from their neighbors. 

This breed is not for the faint of heart. Both the Malamute and the Foxhound are known for being stubborn and hard to train.

However, this is simply because both breeds are intelligent and strong-willed. The Mally Foxhound may not be for a novice owner. However, for those with some dog experience and who like independent dogs, they could be an excellent fit!

4. American Foxeagle (Foxhound & Beagle)

Another mixed breed that is skilled in scent and hunting work is the American Foxeagle, which is a cross between the American Foxhound and Beagle. Like other hunting breeds, the American Foxeagle is independent and has a mind of its own. For the right owner, this makes the American Foxeagle very fun to work with and train.

Like the Mally Foxhound, the American Foxeagle has two high-energy parents. This means they will need lots of exercise to be properly stimulated.

However, the Beagle is much more adaptable to apartment living since they are more compact. This makes the American Foxeagle a better fit for those who are living in apartments but still want a high-energy dog.

Aesthetically, the American Foxeagle has been said to look like a beagle with long legs. The coloring of the parent breeds is quite similar, as is their head shape. However, the Foxhound does tend to be taller. Overall, you can expect the American Foxeagle to be around 15 to 19 inches tall and 25 to 40 pounds.

This mixed breed will bring tons of love into your family’s life. Like the Foxhound, Beagles constantly want to be by the side of their humans.

Nothing makes the American Foxeagle happier than spending the day being active with their family.

5. American Foxy Dane (Foxhound & Great Dane)

In an unconventional mix, some breeders have started crossing the American Foxhound with the Great Dane. This has created what is known as the American Foxy Dane. While these dogs differ in size, their friendly dispositions certainly compliment each other. 

If you are a Great Dane lover but don’t have enough space for one in your home, the American Foxy Dane is an excellent alternative. Despite what you may expect, they tend to be medium size and range from around 45 to 60 pounds. 

The American Foxy Dane may be the best dog on this list for a novice owner. The Great Dane is notoriously easy to train, which balances out the stubbornness of the American Foxhound. Not only is the American Foxy Dane exceptionally friendly, but they are also people-oriented and aim to please.

6. Lab Foxhound (Labrador & Foxhound mix)

As the name suggests, the Lab Foxhound is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Foxhound. Labs are exceptionally popular and for good reason. Their friendly, easygoing personality makes them a good fit for most families. The result of crossing a Lab with a Foxhound is a healthy, friendly, and sociable family dog! 

These dogs typically have a striking red coat. This gorgeous mix is sure to get attention wherever you go!

Final thoughts: Which Foxhound Mix is right for you? 

While purebred dogs are a popular choice for many, sometimes it makes sense to get a hybrid dog. Since hybrid dogs can take on the traits of both parents, you can often find a mix that will fit the needs of your family very well. 

Foxhounds are well-known for being adventurous, fierce, and friendly dogs. Their wonderful personalities, beautiful coats, and cute floppy ears have made them popular in movies and TV. It is no wonder why they are such a desirable breed! 

However, the Foxhound can be difficult for a first-time owner or for a family that may not have much space. By mixing them with another breed, you can find a dog that’s the most excellent fit for your family.

Each breed listed here has advantages and disadvantages, but we hope that this list has helped you find the right mix for your family!

ThePetFaq Team