12 Stunning Gray and White Cat Breeds (With Pictures!)

Gray and white cats have long sparked the imagination. It’s a beautiful color combination that captivates people all over the world. Deciding that you want a gray and white cat is an easy decision to make. What’s more difficult is finding out which breeds can have this unique color combination.

Before we begin, an interesting thing to note is that “gray” is not actually an officially recognized color by cat fanciers. What many people believe to be gray is actually called “blue” in the cat fancier world. The more you know! Nevertheless, since most people refer to them as gray, we’re going to refer to them that way in this article.

gray and white cat breeds

With that being said, today, we’re going to take a closer look at 12 cat breeds that can be gray and white. Of course, plenty of pictures will be included!

12 Gray and White Cat Breeds

1. British Shorthair

image credit: Jill Bazeley

The British shorthair is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, and for a good reason. Their sweet and docile temperament combined with their charming looks have won over many feline lovers.

This breed is known for its fiercely loyal and loving temperament and will attach itself to every one of its family members.

British shorthairs are also very playful and enjoy fun games. However, they’re also fine with being left alone for a couple of hours.

2. British Longhair

If you’re more a fan of long-haired cats, the British Longhair might be for you. The breed is very similar to the British Shorthair except for the fact that its coat consists of long hair.

The British Longhair has a very similar temperament to its shorthaired relative. They’re often friendly and easy-going cats that enjoy lounging around and sitting on your lap.

They are playful and enjoy playing games of fetch or chasing a laser pointer. Longhairs are also known for their love of napping and can often be found taking a nap in the sun. They are quiet cats and don’t meow often, making them a good choice for people who enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

3. Devon Rex

If you prefer exotic-looking cats that come in gray and white, the Devon Rex is an excellent choice.

The Devon Rex was first discovered in Devon, England, in the early 1960s. Since then, it’s conquered the hearts of feline lovers around the world.

At first, this newly discovered breed was referred to as the “Poodle Cat”. Take one look at the picture above and you’ll know why!

Devon Rexes are super active and social cats. They are extremely vocal though, so if you want a cat that’s quiet, this one might not be the best fit for you.

Devon Rexes are known for their curly hair, which gives them a very distinct and recognizable appearance. They require regular brushing to keep their hair healthy and free of mats. Their unique curly coats come in many colors. In addition to their curly coat, they have large ears and eyes, and a long tail.

4. Cornish Rex

If you want a cat that looks like a gray and white Dobby, then consider the Cornish Rex. It doesn’t look like your standard cat, but it’s beautiful in its own way.

The Cornish Rex is a true social butterfly that wants as much affection and attention that you can give it.

They’re not hostile to strangers and other pets either, making them a great addition to a busy and loving household.

Cornish Rexes are especially energetic and active and have a high desire to play.

5. Maine Coon

image credit: frozenbeauty

If you want a gray and white cat that’s big and hairy, the Maine Coon is just right for you. The Maine Coon holds the record for the largest cat and is absolute regal in appearance. Their bushy fur and tail make them look even bigger than they already are.

Their stunning coat comes in many unique colors and patterns, of which gray is one possible option.

The Maine Coon is an incredibly smart cat and they’re often used as mousers because they’re such good hunters. However, even if you don’t have a mouse problem to take care of, the Maine Coon is still an excellent choice. They’re very affectionate and sweet cats that have a gentle temperament.

They do need some room to exercise, but as long as you can provide them with that, they’ll be a great addition to your home!

6. Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair was created when breeders mixed the Persian cat and the American Shorthair. Breeders did this because they wanted to create a cat that had the characteristic low-maintenance coat of the American Shorthair and the adorable face of the Persian. Take a look at the picture above and I think we can agree that they succeeded!

As a result of its Persian ancestry the coat is still quite thick, but the American Shorthair admixture makes the coat much shorter, which makes it less like to matt and makes maintenance of the coat much easier.

If you ask any Exotic Shorthair owner the temperament of their cat they’ll likely tell you that their furball is laid back and easygoing. They love to lounge around and chill and rarely make a fuss. As a result, they’re a perfect choice for families with small children and other pets.

They do have playful moods to and definitely enjoy a game or two from time to time.

Another boon of this breed is that they’re super quiet. They don’t meow more than necessary and they are also quite independent, preferring to lounge around by themselves rather than constantly demanding attention. This makes them a great choice for people who work long hours.

7. Munchkin Cat

Grendelkhan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Munchkin cat is easily recognizable because it has incredibly short legs. Their short legs are intentional and are the result of a genetic mutation and selective breeding.

This is a relatively new breed, being developed only in the 1990s.

If you want a cat that’s small, playful, and very outgoing, the Munchkin is the pick for you. They are exceptionally curious and have a high tendency to explore their surroundings to satisfy that curiosity.

In addition, these little felines are exceptionally friendly and energetic. They’re not shy either and often approach newcomers with gusto.

They have a short coat that comes in many colors, gray and white one of the options!

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

image credit: Andreas-photography

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of domestic cat that is believed to have originated in the forested regions of Norway. These cats are known for their long, thick coats of fur, which help protect them from the cold Norwegian winters. They are also known for their muscular build and large size.

The Norwegian Forest Cat has been bred for centuries in Norway for its hunting and mousing abilities. These cats were typically used to hunt small rodents and birds in the forests of Norway. They are also known for their ability to climb trees, making them perfect for hunting in the forested regions of Norway. 

Today, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a popular breed of domestic cat in Europe and North America. They are known for their friendly personalities and their love of companionship. Norwegian Forest Cats are known for being very friendly and social, but they also enjoy their independence. They like to be around people, but they also like to have their own space.

9. Persian Cat

If you want a cat with a lot of history behind it, look no further than the Persian. They’re native to the region that used to be Persian but that’s now know as Iran.

Traders and merchants brought these wonderful cats on their ships and caravans to Europe where they were a hit because of their long hair and unique face giving them an exotic appearance.

A bit later they were introduced in the United States, and just like in Europe, they quickly became one of the favorite breeds overseas as well!

There are two types of Persian Cats: Doll-Face and Peke-face. The Doll Face is the Persian’s more natural look, whereas the Peke-face was created by breeders, and gives the cat a flatter face.

Persian cats are exceptionally gentle and docile. They enjoy nothing more than just relaxing and laying around all day. They’re definitely not an active breed, but for some people that’s perfect! They’re also very good with children because of how patient they are.

These wonderfully furred felines come in a variety of colors of which gray and white is but one option. They can also be black, blue, gold, white, and cream, among other colors.

10. Siberian Cat

Ozwina, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As you might’ve guessed from the name, the Siberian Cat hails from the cold tundra’s of Siberia in Russia. It’s an ancient breed that’s characterized by its long coat which it uses to protect itself from the cold weather.

Their long fur coat comes in many colors and patterns, ranging from white to black and tabby to color point.

This breed is very popular in Europe, especially in Russia, where it is the national cat, but over the past few years it’s also grown in popularity in the United States.

The Siberian might come from a cold region, but it has a warm heart. They’re often called “the dog of the cat world” because of how welcome and warm they are towards their human companions.

They’re also incredibly playful and energetic, and are not afraid to make their desires heard through vocalizations and chatter.

Fun fact, the Siberian is one of the few cat breeds that loves to play in water!

Their long fur coat comes in many colors and patterns, ranging from white to black and tabby to colorpoint.

11. Turkish Van

Native to Turkey, the Turkish Van is a breed that’s known for its unusual “Van” pattern. They are white with large, colored patches on the head and tail. These patches come in man colors, including gray. When the patches are gray on the white backdrop of the rest of the coat it gives the cat a truly stunning appearance.

The Turkish Van is a natural breed which means that it was not developed by humans. It’s said that its one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds in human history and their temperament does show this.

They get along with humans very well, but also retain an independent streak. They are quite active and are excellent hunters. If you have a mouse problem, they don’t stand a chance against the Van!

This cat is usually quite sweet but I do have to mention that one study done in Finland did find that Turkish Vans have higher than average tendencies towards fearfulness, aggression, and lower stress tolerance. They’re not lap cats by any means and do not like being picked up all that much. They’d rather spend time near you than on top of you.

12. Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is another ancient breed. They’ve been kept as pets since the days of Ancient Egypt and are easily recognized because of their spotted coat. They’re one of the few domesticated cat breeds that sport a spotted coat, which is often a combination of gray and white.

Egyptian Mau’s are very assertive and confident. They enjoy playing and being the center of attention.

Final words: Is a Gray and White Cat Right For You?

I hope that these 12 gray and white cat breeds successfully gave you an idea of which cat breeds to look for if you’re in the market for one of these gorgeous felines.

It might be hard to pick your favorite though, they’re all extremely beautiful and they all have their own unique breed-defining features. That’s the fun about choosing a cat though, You get to pick one that’s the best fit for you and your family!

ThePetFaq Team