Samoyed Puppies for Sale in PA: 5 Best Breeders (2022)

The mighty Samoyed is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. It’s not surprising that they’re rapidly growing in popularity and that many people want one of these beautiful cloudy dogs as their next pet. However, while it’s easy to decide that you want a Samoyed, the next step is finding a reputable breeder, something that often proves to be more difficult.

When you buy a purebred puppy like a Samoyed finding the right breeder for you is important. It not only ensures that you’re supporting ethical breeding practices, but it also makes sure that you get a healthy puppy that’s well socialized and that grows into a well-adjusted and confident companion for life.

To help you find the perfect breeder for your Samoyed puppy, we’ve compiled a list of the best Samoyed breeders in Pennsylvania. It contains all the most important information you need such as their contact info, prices, and much more. Let’s take a look.

5 Samoyed Puppy Breeders in Pennsylvania

1. Majestic Samoyeds

NameMajestic Samoyeds
LocationMcClure, PA
Phone number(717) 543-5703
Email[email protected]

Smack dab in the middle of Pennsylvania, between Pittsburgh, Scranton, and Philadelphia, you’ll find a small town called McClure. In this small town, you’ll find a Samoyed Breeder that goes by the name of Majestic Samoyeds. They’re a small, family-owned hobby breeder that has been actively breeding Samoyed puppies for the Pennsylvania market for several years.

The bloodlines that they use in their operation have been imported from Russia and the puppies will be microchipped and come with a one-year health guarantee.

This breeder has had many satisfied customers who have left a total of 25 reviews on their Facebook page. On average, they’ve received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

2. Kenjo Samoyeds

NameKenjo Samoyeds
LocationNortheast Pennsylvania
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Kenjo is a breeder located in the Northeast of Pennsylvania. They’re a passionate Samoyed breeder that is operated by John and Kelli Pitino.

Unfortunately, the soonest they will have puppies again will be in 2023, but since breeders often have a waitlist it’s worth sending them an email already to see if you can get a spot.

They have a YouTube channel where you can see some of their beautiful dogs, and they also have some very cute pictures on their website.

Kenjo does not have a Facebook page with reviews, but people on Reddit that have experience with this breeder report very positive results.

3. Sanorka Samoyeds

Phone number(717) 334-2993
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

If you want a breeder with experience, look no further than Sanorka. They’re a Samoyed breeder that has been in business since 1960, giving them over 60 years of experience with the craft.

During that time, they’ve not been sitting still. They’re really passionate about the breed and it shows. They’re a member of a variety of kennel clubs such as the Samoyed Club of America, where they served on the board of governors.

The Samoyed puppies that they have produced have also won several titles and are excellent representatives of the breed.

4. Snowshoe Samoyeds

NameSnowshoe Samoyeds
LocationRivesville, WV
Phone number(304) 282-3260
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Snowshoe Samoyeds is technically not located in Pennsylvania, they’re in Rivesville, WV, but if you live in or around Pittsburgh then it’s only a short drive away and definitely a breeder to consider. They’ve been active for years and are dedicated to producing sound, healthy Samoyed puppies that will adapt easily to their new forever homes.

They raise their puppies in-home where they receive lots of love, care, and attention as well as exposure to many sights, sounds, and smells. All of this results in well-adjusted and happy dogs that make excellent family pets.

When you buy a Samoyed puppy here you can expect it to be vet checked, dewormed, microchipped, and it will have received its first set of shots. In addition, they will be registered with the AKC when they go to their new home at around 7-8 weeks of age.

People online are very happy with the puppies they’ve received from this breeder.

5. WhyteWynd

LocationLebanon, PA
Phone number(717) 865-6055
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

WhyteWynd is a Samoyed breeder located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. They have been breeding show and pet Samoyed puppies for over 25 years and have produced several US and International Champions.

They’re also long-standing members of several kennel clubs, including the Samoyed Club of America. They only breed 1 to 2 times a year to ensure that every litter is high quality.

Their dogs are AKC-registered and are raised in their home as part of the family.

ThePetFaq recommends adoption over buying from a breeder. However, we also understand that adopting is not always possible and that there are many good reasons for choosing to buy from a breeder. Please note that we did not visit these breeders in person, however, we did research them to find as much information about them as possible. Always do your own research when buying a puppy!

ThePetFaq Team