Weimaraner Puppies for Sale in California: 6 Best Breeders (2022)

If you’ve decided that you want a Weimaraner as your next dog, the next logical step is finding a good breeder. To help you find the right breeder for your Weimaraner puppy, we’ve compiled a list of the best Weimaraner breeders that are active in the state of California.

Choosing the right breeder is important. Reputable breeders test and screen their dogs for genetic and hereditary diseases to ensure that their puppies are healthy and happy. Furthermore, they raise them in a loving environment in order to socialize them properly to make them confident and well-adjusted dogs.

Now, let’s take a look at the best Weimaraner breeders in California!

6 Weimaraner Puppy Breeders in California

1. Freehart’s Weimaraners

NameFreehart’s Weimaraners
LocationRancho Cucamonga, CA
Phone number(909) 985-6479
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Freehart’s Weimaraners is conveniently located in Rancho Cucamonga, which is very close to LA, Riverside, Long Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, and a short drive away from San Diego.

They’re a breeder of AKC Weimaraner puppies that have been in business since 1985! They breed for intelligence, loyalty, beauty, information, and size and have produced many litters over the years.

When you buy a puppy from Freehart’s it comes with current inoculations, preventive parasite treatments, limited AKC registration, a puppy care package, and an agreement that they will take the puppy back if you’re unable to care for it.

Since they’ve been breeding for almost 30 years, they have many happy customers that are ecstatic with their Weimaraner puppy. As a result, their customers have awarded them a 5-star rating on Facebook.

2. Barrett Weimaraners

NameBarrett Weimaraners
LocationSouthern California
Phone number(949) 278-2981
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Barret Weimaraners is a collective of two breeders. Kim operates the business in Southern California, while Stacy and Christina take care of the Arizona side.

They raise their Weimaraner puppies with lots of love and care and treat them as part of the family because they are! As a result, they grow up to be loving and confident dogs that make great companions.

They’re part of many kennel clubs such as the Weimaraner Club of America and attend dog shows, run in field trials, and host meetups.

3. Touchstone Weimaraners

NameTouchstone Weimaraners
LocationSouthern California
Phone number(310) 944-0884
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Touchstone Weimaraners is located in Southern California and breeds wonderful Weimaraner puppies that are bred to work. They breed for excellent health, temperament, and hunting abilities in their pups and have been doing so for many years.

Their puppies come with:

  • A purchase agreement/contract (signed by both parties), and copies of AKC registration.
  • Weimaraner Club of America sponsorship and futurity forms, if applicable.
  • A health record (shots and dewormings)
  • A veterinarian’s statement on your puppy’s health.
  • A microchip
  • Direct line of contact to the breeder

In addition, their Weimaraner puppies will have been started on potty training, crate training, and socialization.

4. SilverBay Weimaraners

NameSilverbay Weimaraners
LocationFontana, CA
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

SilverBay Weimaraners is operated by Rebecca Gardea and is located in Fontana, California. They are a purebred Weimaraner preservationist breeder, which means that they aim to preserve the breed for the future. Active since 2003, this breeder has tons of experience.

All of their dogs are health tested thoroughly and their temperaments are evaluated prior to becoming part of their breeding stock. Their puppies are raised in-home until they’re ready to move to their forever home.

They prefer to sell to families who would enjoy the sport of dogs, such as Field/Show and other performance events. This breeder has won several awards such as the NAVHDA breeders award and is an AKC breeder of Merit participant.

5. Sapphire Weimaraners

NameSapphire Weimaraners
LocationSouthern California
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Sapphire Weimaraners is a South Californian Weimaraner breeder. They breed very rarely, only once every few years, and are quite selective with who they’ll sell their Weimaraner puppies to when they have them available.

Their puppies come with limited AKC registration, a health warranty, their tails docked to the appropriate length, and their dew claws removed. In addition, they’ll be dewormed and will have received their first shots.

6. Rockville Weimaraners

NameRockville Weimaraners
LocationBetween Sacramento and San Francisco
Phone number(707) 718-5796
Email[email protected]
PriceContact breeder

Nestled between Sacramento and San Francisco you’ll find Rockville Weimaraners. Operated by Bruce and Debbie Gross, this breeder has been breeding AKC Weimaraner puppies for many years. They had their first litter in 1999 and since then they’ve produced many happy and healthy pups.

They breed for conformation, temperament, versatility, and health. All their dogs are OFA certified for both hips and elbows and they work with the pups from the day they’re born. Their Weimaraner puppies are exposed to many surfaces, sights, sounds, and smells to make them well adjusted and socialized when they go to their forever home.

A very interesting feature of this breeder is that if you bought a puppy here and you go on vacation that they offer free dog sitting!

ThePetFaq recommends adoption over buying from a breeder. There are some great Weimaraner Rescues in California in North as well as South California. However, we also understand that adopting is not always possible and that there are many good reasons for choosing to buy from a breeder. Please note that we did not visit these breeders in person, however, we did research them to find as much information about them as possible. Always do your own research when buying a puppy!

ThePetFaq Team