Siberian Kittens for Sale in Virginia: Breeders List 2022

Finding a good, reputable breeder to buy a purebred Siberian kitten from can be difficult. We’ve created a list of all the Siberian kitten breeders in the state of Virginia to help you find the perfect breeder for your kitten.

Keep in mind, that the Siberian cat is an extremely popular breed. Not only are they hypoallergenic, they’re also very affectionate, playful, and gorgeous cats. As a result, many of the breeders that will be mentioned have a waiting list. It pays off to sign up for the waiting list for your breeder of choice early.

With that being said, let’s take a look at 7 Siberian kitten breeders in Virginia!

7 Siberian Kitten Breeders in Virginia

1. Romanov Dynasty Cattery

NameRomanov Dynasty Cattery
LocationAshburn, VA
Phone number(703) 200-4646
Email[email protected]

Romanov Dynasty Cattery is a small, TICA-registered hobby breeder located in Ashburn, Virginia. They are devoted to breeding wonderful, social, loving, affectionate, and beautiful Siberian kittens.

The kings and queens they use to breed their kittens came directly from Russia’s most praised catteries that breed champions all around the world. In addition, they raise the kittens in their own home with lots of love and affection. As a result, their kittens are very sociable, love to be held, affectionate and playful.

They do not have a Facebook page, but they do have many testimonials of happy customers on their website. In addition, there are quite a few positive experience reports on Reddit.

2. Regal Siberian Cattery

NameRegal Siberian Cattery
LocationVirginia Beach, VA
Phone number(757) 222-1348
Email[email protected]
PricePet: $1000 / Show: $3500

This cattery is located in Virginia Beach and is a small TICA-registered cattery that specializes in breeding high-quality Siberian kittens. They’re in the breeding game for the love of the breed.

In their cattery, they use 2 kings and 4 queens. To see pictures of the kings and queens, take a look at their website.

If you have allergies, they permit visits by appointment to see how you respond to their cats.

I’ve checked for some experience reports of people who’ve bought their Siberian kitten from this breeder and quite a few people on Reddit were very positive about them.

3. Cherished Siberians

NameCherished Siberians
Location23292 Hawfield Rd. Unionville, VA 22567
Phone number(540) 445-0630
Email[email protected]
Price$200 deposit / $1800 total

Cherished Siberians is a cattery located in Unionville, VA that’s operated by Doreene Richmond. The cattery, as well as all the cats in the cattery, are registered with TICA.

Each kitten is hand raised in a loving and stimulating environment. They are kept with their mother for 10 weeks, ensuring the optimal emotional and physical health of each kitten.

All adult breeders have tested negative for Felv, FIV, and FIP. All cats and kittens show no evidence of HCM and PKD.

They also allow potential buyers a free allergy testing session.

Experiences with this breeder are positive on Reddit.

4. Virginia Kittens

NameVirginia Kittens
LocationNorthern VA (Washington D.C Metro Area)
Phone number(571) 528-7655
Email[email protected]
Price $1300 – $2000

Virginia Kittens is a TICA & CFA-registered Siberian kitten breeder that’s located near the Washington D.C Metro Area. The cattery is operated by Nada Badwin and they are licensed by Loudoun County animal services. They focus on producing high-quality purebred Siberian kittens that are healthy, social, and beautiful. To do so, they use 4 kings and 15 queens with strong reputations.

In addition to regular Siberians, they also produce Neva Masquerade kittens which have white fur with blue eyes.

This breeder allows visitations to their cattery.

They have many beautiful pictures on their Facebook page to check out.

5. Sapphire Siberian Kittens

NameSapphire Siberians
Location3692 Thomasson Crossing Dr, Triangle, VA 22172
Phone number(703) 340-5815
Email[email protected]

This cattery is located in Triangle, VA, which is close to the Washington D.C. Metro Area. They’re registered with TICA as well as the CFA and have been in business since 2020.

To breed beautiful, healthy Siberian kittens they use kings and queens from World Champion pedigrees.

6. Nevaland Siberians (Charis)

LocationHampton Roads, Virginia
Phone numberN/A
Email[email protected]

Nevaland is a small at-home cattery located in Hampton Roads. They’re CFA & TICa-registered and have been breeding Siberian kittens since 2012. In 2018 they chose to rebrand to Charis but nothing changed in how they operate.

This cattery does not have a Facebook page, but people do report positive experiences with them on Reddit.

7. Anam Cara Siberians

NameAnam Cara
Phone number(626) 255-5126
Email[email protected]

Anam Cara is a small home-based cattery located in Culpeper. This cattery is operated by Jane Thompson who believes in quality over quantity. As such, this breeder is dedicated to raising Siberian kittens that are healthy, beautiful, and with good temperaments.

Unfortunately, this breeder does not use Facebook but they do have a lot of pictures of previous litters available on their website. In addition, people who have bought from this breeder are quite positive about them.

ThePetFaq recommends adoption over buying from a breeder. However, we also understand that adopting is not always possible and that there are many good reasons for choosing to buy from a breeder. Please note that we did not visit these catteries in person, however, we did research them to find as much information about them as possible. Always do your own research when buying a kitten!

If you didn’t find a suitable breeder, check out catteries in nearby North Carolina, New York, or Pennsylvania.

ThePetFaq Team